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5 product stars
Good performance - Michael B. - 04/09/2014
This works like a true split system, not like one of the dinky portable units, it works twice as well. Hard to find now.

4 product stars
Cool air. - Walter - 03/13/2014
This unit is amazing!!! Truly, I'm wrapped. I turn it on and instantly I'll feel it, all the boiling heat, fades, diminishes in seconds. I thank them once again; for its cool solution.

5 product stars
No Complaints. - Emil M. Andreasen - 10/04/2013
This product arrived in two days after placing the order. It was in the factory package and arrived without any damage

5 product stars
Incredible! - Denise - 09/25/2013
I use this to cool my living room and it just wonderful. We simply love it. I needed an air conditioner in order to seal the windows in my house.

5 product stars
WORKS GREAT! - Reynaldo Sánchez - 09/16/2013
This works great in the Summer when it's hot and humid. It does exactly what they say it will.

5 product stars
The best mini split I´ve seen. - Dennis B. Schmidt - 09/05/2013
VERY easy to install. I am sure this would cool a room double the size of mine. If you need a Great mini split, this is it!

5 product stars
WOW!!!! - Robert P. Fontaine - 08/23/2013
I love this unit. It keeps cool. I have had no problem. WOW what a great air conditioner!

5 product stars
I love it so much - Tyler Hodgetts - 08/12/2013
I'm sleeping great. I love it so much. I'm glad that I bought this and would buy it again.

5 product stars
Very Effective - Leonor - 07/29/2013
Great value for the money and we are very pleased with the purchase.

5 product stars
NICE!!! - W. Rogers - 07/18/2013
This Air Conditioner totally exceeded my expectations. All is great with this AC unit!!

5 product stars
Great Appearance, and Heating Performance. - Beau Contreras - 07/10/2013
We are very pleased. I fully recommend this system to my friends!!!

5 product stars
Great value. - Alan L. Warren - 07/04/2013
It cools quickly and efficiently, and is easy to use and install. This AC unit is attractive, reasonably quiet, and performs well.

5 product stars
A brand you can trust. - Alexander D. - 05/17/2013
The unit is very quiet. A great buy even at the suggested retail price.

5 product stars
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ‎‎ - Shawn J. - 05/13/2013
I am fully satisfied with the installation.

5 product stars
Thanks for the dependable work. - Henry - 05/08/2013
Your team was extremely professional and did a wonderfull job. we will definetely recommend your company to others.

5 product stars
Great Cooling! - Hanna O. - 04/29/2013
I will recommend this air conditioning to everyone!

5 product stars
Inverter is for me! - Marcus Fuller - 04/16/2013
The inverter compressor suits mebecause the outside temperature varies widely. inverter is adapted to the demands.

5 product stars
how to install mini split? Is it recommended? - Nuncio Cruz Orellana - 02/27/2013
how to install mini split? Is it recommended? I used to questioning me so, and I realized that this was not important. Most important was the device: duration, quality, efficiency, technology, and anything that allows you to comfort and savings. Whenever there is any company that takes care of that job, let them do it.

5 product stars
Best Mini Split in the U.S.! - Don Nielsen - 11/29/2012
Best Mini Split in the U.S.! I like this brand of air conditioning! 22 SEER? wow! and good price! I was told that this is the capacity needed for my home. Very good attention too.

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