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AirCon 24,000 Btu DC Inverter 22 Seer Mini Split Air Conditioner

A22EM/CI4C4M24 4 product stars

Extended Parts Warranty

Silver Series Line Set*

Free Lift Gate*

Outdoor Bracket

R410a Adapter

Jaguar Condensate Pump

Lineset Cover

$1,316.09 inc. tax

$1,229.99 ex. tax
? Tax based on Florida, United States.

AirCon 24,000 Btu DC Inverter 22 Seer Mini Split Air Conditioner Summary


Included In The Package
• One (1) indoor unit 
• One (1) remote controller
• One (1) indoor unit wall mount bracket
• One (1) outdoor unit (Compressor made by Toshiba)
• Warranty (*5 years compressor, 2 years on parts)


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An Inverter compressor is designed to vary it's speed as the demands in the room change. Inverter compressors are designed to soft start therefore causing no dips in power supply.
Single phase AC power is supplied to the outdoor unit where it is rectified and converted into DC. The input frequency is then modified to allow the compressor to run at a variety of speeds. As the compressor speed decreases, the amount of refrigerant entering the indoor unit also decreases. This results in a more comfortable environment as the unit only produces the appropriate amount of cooling or heating required at that time - no more temperature swings.
Inverter compressors have been shown to reduce power consumption by as much as 60% when compared to conventional fixed speed equivalents.
The SPW DC inverters use Advanced Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology for better, smarter and more cost-efficient yearround climate control. Immediately following start up, the DC compressor operates at maximum power to provide almost instant heating or cooling. As the desired air temperature is reached, a special Pulse Width Module automatically adjusts the compressor's frequency to exactly meet the cooling or heating requirements of the room. The result is exceptionally precise temperature control, less noise and significant energy savings.
The DC motor uses powerful Neodymium magnets, which are approximately 15-20 times stronger than the ferrite magnets used in conventional AC compressors. This, combined with precise digital control gives the DC compressor an operation rate of 15-20% higher than that of a conventional AC compressor.
The outdoor units utilise the latest twin rotary compressor in which perfectly balanced dual rotors revolve smoothly and efficiently to provide powerful, quiet and vibration free performance.
*AirCon Brand
with TOSHIBA Compressor
(with remote control)
AIR PURIFICATION (Washable Filters)
·Ultimate in energy savings
·Hi-Efficiency rotor compressor
·Anticorrosive treatment in equipment
·LCD wireless remote control
·Air purifying and deodorizer filter
·Removable washable grille
·24 hour on/off timer
·Good sleep cooling operation
·Auto and 3 speeds fan control
·Vertical auto-swing
·Signal reception indicator
DC Inverter 
Comes Pre Charged with Eco-Friendly R410A.
Multi-fold evaporator enhances efficiency
Industrial super screen Filter kills bacteria
and removes dust.
Includes Install Kit - 15 feet of
connection piping.
Included In The Package
• One (1) indoor unit 
• One (1) remote controller
• One (1) indoor unit wall mount bracket
• One (1) outdoor unit
• One (1) installation kit (copper linesets, insulation, condensate drain hose.) DOES NOT INCLUDE WIRING CABLE
• Warranty (*5 years compressor,2 years on parts)


Customer Reviews15 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Not too shabby - Peter B. - 05/30/2012
Not a bad product, I am extremely satisfied. Furthermore, the tech support assisted my Licensed HVAC tech on the installation with no issues. Thank you.

5 product stars
Best Mini Split in the U.S.! - Don Nielsen - 11/29/2012
Best Mini Split in the U.S.! I like this brand of air conditioning! 22 SEER? wow! and good price! I was told that this is the capacity needed for my home. Very good attention too.

5 product stars
how to install mini split? Is it recommended? - Nuncio Cruz Orellana - 02/27/2013
how to install mini split? Is it recommended? I used to questioning me so, and I realized that this was not important. Most important was the device: duration, quality, efficiency, technology, and anything that allows you to comfort and savings. Whenever there is any company that takes care of that job, let them do it.

5 product stars
Inverter is for me! - Marcus Fuller - 04/16/2013
The inverter compressor suits mebecause the outside temperature varies widely. inverter is adapted to the demands.

5 product stars
Great Cooling! - Hanna O. - 04/29/2013
I will recommend this air conditioning to everyone!

5 product stars
Thanks for the dependable work. - Henry - 05/08/2013
Your team was extremely professional and did a wonderfull job. we will definetely recommend your company to others.

5 product stars
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ‎‎ - Shawn J. - 05/13/2013
I am fully satisfied with the installation.

5 product stars
A brand you can trust. - Alexander D. - 05/17/2013
The unit is very quiet. A great buy even at the suggested retail price.

5 product stars
Great value. - Alan L. Warren - 07/04/2013
It cools quickly and efficiently, and is easy to use and install. This AC unit is attractive, reasonably quiet, and performs well.

5 product stars
Great Appearance, and Heating Performance. - Beau Contreras - 07/10/2013
We are very pleased. I fully recommend this system to my friends!!!

5 product stars
NICE!!! - W. Rogers - 07/18/2013
This Air Conditioner totally exceeded my expectations. All is great with this AC unit!!

5 product stars
Very Effective - Leonor - 07/29/2013
Great value for the money and we are very pleased with the purchase.

5 product stars
I love it so much - Tyler Hodgetts - 08/12/2013
I'm sleeping great. I love it so much. I'm glad that I bought this and would buy it again.

5 product stars
WOW!!!! - Robert P. Fontaine - 08/23/2013
I love this unit. It keeps cool. I have had no problem. WOW what a great air conditioner!

5 product stars
The best mini split I´ve seen. - Dennis B. Schmidt - 09/05/2013
VERY easy to install. I am sure this would cool a room double the size of mine. If you need a Great mini split, this is it!

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