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Do It Yourself 24,000 Btu Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner BR1224W3A

BR1224W3A 5 product stars


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Do It Yourself 24,000 Btu Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner BR1224W3A Summary

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This system has a Warranty of 5 Years on the compressor, and 1 Year on Parts

 CLICK HERE for more Warranty Information, Brochures, & Install Manuals. 

Breeze™, a new easy-to-install, two-piece air conditioner (called a ductless split system), keeps it simple.
Choose from 2 sizes—small or large—and whether to install it through-the-wall or through-the-window. Breeze™ will even reach a 2nd floor or basement. And because of its revolutionary design, you can take it with you if you move. Top these convenience factors off with ultra-high efficiency variable capacity performance and remarkably quiet operation, and it's easy to see where Breeze™ gets its name.

Unlike other air conditioners that have to be precisely sized, Breeze comes in two capacities: small and large. The small system works well for spaces that are 100-550 square feet and the large system is designed for spaces that are from 550 to 1500 square feet. Each system will automatically adjust to your needs. And, the entire system comes with everything you need in just one box: the indoor unit with the 25' quick-connect line, the outdoor unit, outdoor unit mounting pad, hardware, and LCD remote control. The box has even been specially designed to fit through narrow doorways. Best of all, the installation is a snap. Breeze. It's that easy.

Breeze systems are quieter than window or thru-the-wall units because the compressor noise is outside in the condenser unit. All you hear indoors is the fan. And, outdoor noise intrusion is also minimized because the small window and wall openings can be well insulated.

The revolutionary, patent-pending quick connect line set makes installation faster and easier than many other room air conditioner solutions. You'll spend less time getting the system up and running.

Breeze works in some places where other air conditioners can't be installed—interior rooms and rooms without windows or outside walls. Installation options are numerous: thru-the-wall, thru-the-window, rooms without windows, basements, second floors, even some attics.

Unlike traditional ductless split systems, Breeze can be disconnected and moved. Remarkably, this is one split system that you can take with you.

Breeze takes energy efficiency to a whole new level with variable capacity Inverter Technology. A large Breeze unit can function as a 12,000 Btu unit or as a 24,000 Btu unit or anywhere in between. It can switch capacities as you need it to so that it's always operating as efficiently as possible.

Breeze™ features variable speed compressors and fans (called Inverter Technology), which reach the desired temperature faster, maintain it more accurately and reduce energy consumption with fewer compressor startups.

Breeze is comfort. Continuous air sweep and 4 fan speeds distribute air throughout the space. And Breeze has multiple operating modes including cooling, dehumidification, fan only, heat and auto which will switch between cooling and heating as needed to maintain the desired temperature.

The Breeze indoor unit comes in a light, neutral color so it can blend in with its surroundings and the outdoor unit is sleek and attractive but small enough to conceal if desired

Available in 2 sizes

  • Small
    • Cooling from: 4000 - 12000 Btu
    • Heating from: 4000 - 12000 Btu
  • Large
    • Cooling from: 12000 - 24000 Btu
    • Heating from: 6000 - 25000 Btu
  • Features

    • Installs through the wall or through the window
    • Reaches up to 25' from indoor to outdoor unit for basement, upstairs and interior room installations
    • Amazingly quiet
    • Two sizes, small and large, fit most spaces and make selection a breeze
    • Unique snap-in quick connect refrigerant and electrical line with peel-away drain line
    • 5 year limited warranty
    • Recyclable packaging
    • Inverter Technology condenser for high efficiency and auto-adjusting capacity
    • 17.8 SEER rating
    • EERs up to 11.8
    • Powered via 6' factory-wired power cord on indoor unit
    • LCD remote for indoor unit
    • 24-hour timer and sleep timer
    • Multiple operating modes including: AUTO, COOL, DRY(dehumidification), FAN ONLY and HEAT
    • 4 Fan speeds heating or cooling: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, "QUIET", plus AUTO-FAN
    • Continuous 'Air Sweep' UP & DOWN
    • Auto-restart after power interruptions
    • Auto-shut flaps close when unit is off for a sleeker appearance
    • Washable, reusable antimicrobial air filters
    • Removable front grille
    • Auto-changeover from cool to heat; heat to cool to maintain set temperature
    • Low temperature operation
    • Secured remote control holder
    • 4 different transmitter codes to prevent unintentional interference with nearby units
    • Unique snap-in quick connect refrigerant and electrical line
For Specifications: CLICK HERE

When should I install a Breeze?™

If quiet, energy efficient operation is important, then Breeze™ is probably the system for you. Breeze™ is great in most locations, including rooms without windows and other hard to cool areas and places where you do not want or cannot use other types of cooling solutions. Use Breeze™ in bedrooms, family rooms, sunrooms, basements, attics, garages, offices, room additions, wine cellars, pool houses and guest quarters. Use Breeze™ as your primary cooling and heating source or use Breeze™ to condition only the rooms you need or as supplemental cooling and heating.

What are the requirements?

The outdoor unit must be within 25 feet of the indoor unit connection and the indoor electrical outlet must be within 6 feet of the indoor unit. The small system requires 115 volt power and the large system requires 230/208 volt power so be certain you have the correct voltage and plug face to connect your indoor unit.

Can I install it myself?

Breeze™ comes with everything you need for installation (except for some basic tools). The patent-pending quick connect line set does not require a licensed HVAC technician or an electrician to install the system. Confident DIYers should be able to master this project. However, we do recommend that you seek professional assistance if necessary.

What tools will I need to install a Breeze™?

Phillips screw driver, a 1/2" wrench or crescent wrench, a drill with a Phillips bit and a 3/16" drill bit, a 3" hole saw (for through-the-wall installation only) a stud finder, safety glasses, a level, a tape measure and a box cutter or wire cutters. Always wear proper safety gear during installation.

What are my installation options?

You can install Breeze through a wall or through a window. A through-the-wall installation requires that you create a 3" round opening in an exterior wall. A through-the-window installation requires an optional accessory: the SimpleSill™ window installation kit.

Through-the-Window Installation

Through-the-Wall Installation

How is the system powered?

The indoor Breeze unit plugs in to a wall outlet to power the unit. Use the chart below to determine if you have the correct plug face and voltage.

Is a thru-the-wall installation quieter than a window installation?

Possibly, but that really depends on the location of the 3" hole to the exterior that allows the indoor unit to be connected to the outdoor unit. Since Breeze™ is ultra-quiet, outdoor noise intrusion may be a factor. Both the SimpleSill™ installation and the through-the-wall installation come with extra thick gasketing to further minimize any outdoor noise intrusion.

Where should I place the indoor unit in my room?

The most important considerations will be the distance to the outdoor unit (less than 25') and to the indoor electrical outlet (less than 6'). Another consideration may be the location of studs to support the indoor unit or obstacles like window headers. The indoor unit must also be at least 6" from the ceiling to allow for proper air circulation.

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Customer Reviews7 review(s) posted (write review)

5 product stars
Overall a great split - J. Owens - 04/14/2014
I got this model cause it was reccomended by the installer. It is a great unit and totally reliable and never had a problem to date. Just remember to keep the air filters clean and everything will be good!

5 product stars
My summer electricity is quite reasonable. - Jeanne - 03/19/2014
Installed in an open ended shop it works well. Quiet operation, and a good choice. I am encouraged to consider another Do It Yourself unit for use at home.

5 product stars
Absolutely Good! - Jason - 06/04/2013
Waiting on warmer weather to assess how good the system is. Would suggest this product to my friends.

5 product stars
So far so good. - Edith J. Pinckney - 05/28/2013
We have used this a/c unit 3 or 4 years. So far we are happy with the performance of the unit.

5 product stars
I love our new system! - Michael A. Monaghan - 05/21/2013
It is much more quiet and way more efficeint than our old model. It cools down the whole house very quickly.

5 product stars
Good job! - Andrew - 05/15/2013
The system is working well. Again, thank you very much for a job well done. We are really happy with the work done.

5 product stars
I could not ask for more.‎ - Joseph - 05/14/2013
They came very promptly and installed my new air conditioning.

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