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5 product stars
I Won. - Eric M. - 06/13/2014
So I was sweating like a pig and I decided to buy an AC. I told myself " This is all I can stand and I cant stand no more " I am completely satisfied with this product, and hope not to encounter problems in the near future.

4 product stars
Effective. - Loiselle - 05/06/2014
The best part is that our power bill is less than from our previous house with a 10 year-old Hitachi unit. Let me qualify this by saying that we've moved to a smaller house, with newer insulation.

4 product stars
Good - Ruben - 04/11/2014
You need to vac out the filters regularly, which isn't hard. This ensures it's running as efficiently as possible. Easy to clean, operate and has been running well

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