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5 product stars
Midea 24000 Btu Mini Split System Heat Pump - james - 06/03/2014
I Install Two Midea 24000 Btu Mini Split Systems in a 2000 Sq Ft Office . They Work So Good We Can Only Use One Unit It Get So Cold. Were All So Very Happy Now

5 product stars
Nice attractive product - Nancy F. - 11/05/2013
Worth every penny spent. So far, I am very impressed with this unit. This unit is amazingly quiet!! Very happy with this purchase and would recommend this A/c unit without hesitation!!!

5 product stars
Love that. - Arthur - 10/29/2013
It actually worked better then I thought. Simply put, this air conditioner did exactly what I wanted it to do.

5 product stars
It´s perfect! - Brandon M. Hogan - 10/16/2013
I think I already reviewed this product....Anyway, I love it!!! It keeps my room nice and cold.

5 product stars
private retired installer - Halward Anderson - 10/07/2013
this unit was easy to install quiet ,and works so good for heat & cooling I have installed one more in. the same location. THANK YOU

5 product stars
Glad I Bought it. - S. Frederiksen - 10/04/2013
It cools the far bedroom that gets the afternoon direct sun and doesn't run when it isn't needed. What could be better?

5 product stars
Very Happy - David Willis - 09/27/2013
This is a great deal, product and company who sell it. It was easy to install. I had the help of an AC guy who vacumed the unit then opened it up. I mounted everything, even going as far as a concrete base with all-thred bolts built in. I paid my electrician $225 for labor and parts. I paid the AC guy $250. The unit shiped to my house was $1,300. All in all an incrediable deal. Inside the unit is very quiet and it never seems to be working to keep the place comfortable. This cools our 800sq' living, dining & kitchen areas whithout breaking a sweat. It was 108F for a few days and it was a nice 74F in the house. We have no insulation and lots of air leaks. I plan to buy the solar heat pump unit for my cabin when it becomes available.

5 product stars
Very good unit. - Dwayne - 09/25/2013
I could easily install it myself, and have placed a second order for another room. Fairly quiet and really powerful for its size.

5 product stars
Works good. - Elvis Calvillo - 09/16/2013
It cools completely my house , is quiet and powerful. Excellent product.

4 product stars
AC - Renan Dominguez - 09/10/2013
All is fine except the noise level of the fan which is a little high.

5 product stars
neat clean quiet - HENRY CARGEN - 09/10/2013
great product easy to install cools very well

5 product stars
You need a Great AC unit. - George A. - 09/05/2013
All I can say is that this works fast and efficient. I would highly recomend. This unit is perfect for this. Product satisfaction is high.

5 product stars
Excellent overall product! - Christopher C. Mickelson - 08/26/2013
I had another one before and it didn't work as good as this one. I'm glad I bought it.

5 product stars
Definitely worth the money. - Samuel Mackey - 08/12/2013
It is a great air conditioner! It cools off my kitchen, my living room, and my entire hallway.

5 product stars
Powerful - Brandon J. - 07/29/2013
No issues with it yet and I'd recommend it highly. This air conditioner lived up to its promises

5 product stars
COOL DEAL! - T. Richards - 07/18/2013
I am absolutely ecstatic with how this unit is performing.

5 product stars
klimaire split system - anne fisher - 07/15/2013
very satisfied with quality of product

5 product stars
Great purchase. - Molly D. - 07/11/2013
I decided to purchase this item for the price. I would buy it again!

5 product stars
It Cools real nice! - Michael A. Kerlin - 07/04/2013
If you need an a/c that looks good and performs well this is the one for you.

5 product stars
Great. - John Bourne - 06/18/2013
I purchased this AC last May and it worked all summer, it was great.

5 product stars
sec - des - 06/05/2013

5 product stars
I have no qualms in recommending your company! - Richard D. - 06/03/2013
I had a very pleasant experience with this company! We will of course be recommending your company to our friends.

5 product stars
Great Value! - Matthias Klug - 05/17/2013
I've only been using this Mini-split for about a month but it works very well! Runs very quietly.

5 product stars
Awesome Job!‎‎ - John B. Schreiber - 05/13/2013
Best HVAC Service on North Carolina!

5 product stars
Great service... - Donald C. Goo - 05/06/2013
Thank you for the prompt work and excellent service!

5 product stars
I will recommend your company! - Doroty - 04/30/2013
My wife and I were most impressed by the way in which the installation was carried out. We recommend minisplitwarehouse based on our experiences with them in the past and present.

5 product stars
Clean and easy! - Doyle - 04/16/2013
I always want to keep the air clean and fresh, the self-cleaning is fabulous!

5 product stars
Change Carrier split AC - Edwin Martin - 02/20/2013
Change Carrier split AC. This air conditioner is the best there, I am so happy. I chose this one because it’s not expensive. It’s a known brand but quality-wise, it passed my satisfaction And get this, it can adjust in both cold and hot areas so this must be durable after all. It has a great heating capacity.

5 product stars
Multi split air conditioning Systems - Mike Beard - 01/09/2013
Multi split air conditioning Systems. I had a tri-zone Art Cool installed two years ago. It is the better purchase I have ever made in my life. Got one 4 years ago and it is still working perfectly, just added a bit of refrigerant of course..

5 product stars
Mini Split Heat Pump System is really efficient. - Heather Pate - 11/19/2012
Mini Split Heat Pump System is really efficient. Today these systems have proven to be energy-saving inverter technology have a high efficiency compressor! And working together with the heat pump.

5 product stars
Unbelievable price for a minisplit inverter air conditioner! - Lloyd H. - 11/07/2012
This is just an amazing price for a mini split inverter air conditioner WITH heat pump you just cant beat it. Bought two and they handle my whole 2100 sg ft home with ease and cost nothing compared to my old central unit im actually glad it broke down!

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