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5 product stars
Midea 24000 Btu Mini Split System Heat Pump - james - 06/03/2014
I Install Two Midea 24000 Btu Mini Split Systems in a 2000 Sq Ft Office . They Work So Good We Can Only Use One Unit It Get So Cold. Were All So Very Happy Now

5 product stars
Nice attractive product - Nancy F. - 11/05/2013
Worth every penny spent. So far, I am very impressed with this unit. This unit is amazingly quiet!! Very happy with this purchase and would recommend this A/c unit without hesitation!!!

5 product stars
Love that. - Arthur - 10/29/2013
It actually worked better then I thought. Simply put, this air conditioner did exactly what I wanted it to do.

5 product stars
It´s perfect! - Brandon M. Hogan - 10/16/2013
I think I already reviewed this product....Anyway, I love it!!! It keeps my room nice and cold.

5 product stars
private retired installer - Halward Anderson - 10/07/2013
this unit was easy to install quiet ,and works so good for heat & cooling I have installed one more in. the same location. THANK YOU

5 product stars
Glad I Bought it. - S. Frederiksen - 10/04/2013
It cools the far bedroom that gets the afternoon direct sun and doesn't run when it isn't needed. What could be better?

5 product stars
Very Happy - David Willis - 09/27/2013
This is a great deal, product and company who sell it. It was easy to install. I had the help of an AC guy who vacumed the unit then opened it up. I mounted everything, even going as far as a concrete base with all-thred bolts built in. I paid my electrician $225 for labor and parts. I paid the AC guy $250. The unit shiped to my house was $1,300. All in all an incrediable deal. Inside the unit is very quiet and it never seems to be working to keep the place comfortable. This cools our 800sq' living, dining & kitchen areas whithout breaking a sweat. It was 108F for a few days and it was a nice 74F in the house. We have no insulation and lots of air leaks. I plan to buy the solar heat pump unit for my cabin when it becomes available.

5 product stars
Very good unit. - Dwayne - 09/25/2013
I could easily install it myself, and have placed a second order for another room. Fairly quiet and really powerful for its size.

5 product stars
Works good. - Elvis Calvillo - 09/16/2013
It cools completely my house , is quiet and powerful. Excellent product.

4 product stars
AC - Renan Dominguez - 09/10/2013
All is fine except the noise level of the fan which is a little high.

5 product stars
neat clean quiet - HENRY CARGEN - 09/10/2013
great product easy to install cools very well

5 product stars
You need a Great AC unit. - George A. - 09/05/2013
All I can say is that this works fast and efficient. I would highly recomend. This unit is perfect for this. Product satisfaction is high.

5 product stars
Excellent overall product! - Christopher C. Mickelson - 08/26/2013
I had another one before and it didn't work as good as this one. I'm glad I bought it.

5 product stars
Definitely worth the money. - Samuel Mackey - 08/12/2013
It is a great air conditioner! It cools off my kitchen, my living room, and my entire hallway.

5 product stars
Powerful - Brandon J. - 07/29/2013
No issues with it yet and I'd recommend it highly. This air conditioner lived up to its promises

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