AirCon 12000 Btu 21 SEER 220V Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner

Product Code: ABSCI4H4S12-ABSEM4H4S12
Brand: AirCon
Product Condition: New

This Package Includes:

1- Indoor Unit (Gold Plated Coils)

1- Outdoor Unit (Gold Plated Coils)

Heats Down to -4F° and Cools down to 5F°
Hitachi Compressor (9K ModelGMCC Toshiba Compressor (12K,18K,24K Models)

1- Remote Control

1- 12' Copper LineSet with 12' Wire

Factory Warranty: 7Yr Compressor/5Yr Parts
The ALL NEW Blue Series II by AirCon. AirCon has been in the industry for over 10 Years producing some of the most reliable Ductless Mini-Split Systems on the market. This Series is one of the most efficient models AirCon has produced to date, and now they offer lower ambient operation. Great for colder climates, server rooms, and any residential application. 

* Energy Star Certified (9k, 12K, 18K Models)
* Super Efficient Inverter Compressor(20+ SEER)
* AHRI Certified
* 2 Way Draining
* LED Dimmer & Display Panel
* Back Lighting Remote Control
* PTC Belt Heater (Outdoor Unit)
* Louver Position Memory
* Quiet Mode
* 24hr Timer
* Auto Clean
* Intelligent Auto Defrost
* Cold Air Prevention (when in heat mode, it will pre-heat before starting)
* Self Diagnosis
* Auto Restart
* Lock Function (on remote)
* 7 Indoor Fan Speeds

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Customer Reviews
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Great Cooling Experiance! 4 product stars
"The quality of the product is most important for me rather than its price." Doris A. Rogers - 8/29/2018
The price is good. 4 product stars
"I was pleasantly surprised at how well and how quickly this MINI SPLIT improved indoor air quality." Paola S. - 11/3/2017
I gotta say it's a great product! 4 product stars
"I got the equipment within 3 days and in perfect conditions." Gordon J - 3/22/2018
Silent running! 4 product stars
"I bought one of these units to replace a window unit. This is amazingly quiet" Cynthia G. Valdez - 6/1/2018
Its cheap and work very good. 4 product stars
"It is been 2 years I bought it and it still works very good." Williams I. Scott - 7/10/2018
Great service. 4 product stars
"It's a perfect AC for a room. on this price nothing can be better..go for it" Bessy Urquia - 6/16/2017
Awesome unit. 4 product stars
"Sooo quiet and cheap to run. This is what I installed in my lounge room." Kathy E. Powell - 1/10/2019
I will always return to this brand. 4 product stars
"I wanted to try AirCon systems, because several friends recommended it. The unit is pretty good. I'd definitely recommend this product." Orlando Ninn - 5/3/2017
Its a good air conditioner! 4 product stars
"Im very happy now and the company is also very good." Andrew C. Peterson - 10/25/2018
Good Quality! 4 product stars
"I use this in a two family home with a shared basement." Angel Arauz - 11/16/2017
It starts working perfectly. 4 product stars
"It has very light weight and easy to installation . It white color does appeal and very good looking. Design looks very charming! I like it so much." Jelena Gallardo - 10/12/2017
It has really done their homework this unit! 4 product stars
"Excellent!" Benjamin A. Moore - 1/14/2019
Fast shipping! 5 product stars
"Thanks Minisplitwarehouse!" Kurt P.G - 5/23/2017
Five Stars 5 product stars
"I am an online shopping lover and am really comfortable with the online medium. But, whenever I thought of buying a large appliance I wasn't very sure. However when I started browsing for deals for mini split systems I found The delivery happened within promised time and the packaging was excellent." Estela Prieto - 9/20/2017
Outstanding product! 5 product stars
"It is the best A/C unit that I have ever purchased! I will be purchasing similar units for my family due to it's quality and comfort it has provided. The customer service is Superb! Thank you." Jonh Neumann - 1/12/2018
The unit is very reliable! 5 product stars
"It's just like having a central A/C but in a smaller package.With this unit you could save more and rely on." Rudi Rinelda - 12/21/2017
Value For Money! 5 product stars
"Save the money and buy a AirCon system." Magret Rojas D. - 5/12/2017
I will be getting another as soon as I save up the money! 5 product stars
"I am so glad I ordered this air conditioner! Overall, it's a good unit for the price and I would definitely recommend it!" Anita R - 12/12/2017
THESE MINI SPLITS ROCK!!! 5 product stars
"My old York heat pump died and I got quotes for every type of replacement out there. Quotes were 5,000 to 12,000+... Studied the mini splits and finally purchased two AirCon 12,000 BTU's and one 18,000 for the Great Room. Installed myself and found local HVAC pro to connect lines, perform leak test, vacuum lines and release Freon. The units are quiet, efficient, and COOL... Our Duke Power statement has an energy report monthly that compares our energy usage with the comparable homes in our area and we have ALWAYS been WAY IN-EFFICIENT compared to the others. Since we have an in-ground saltwater pool I figured we would always be above the others... NOT! :-) , Now that the old York in in the scrap pile, our home was more efficient than all the others even with the pool! HALLELUJAH!!! No kidding, if ya want to see a copy of the report, let me know! I plan to FRAME IT !!! LOL... But the best thing has got to be the ability to vary the temperature between the different rooms and bedrooms in the house! My wife is a homesick Eskimo! LOL... She likes it blowing snow and of course I would freeze in her room so THANK GOD I have my own bedroom suite on opposite end of home and I can keep mine much warmer. I should have done this years ago! NOTHING BUT MINI SPLITS FOR ME FROM NOW ON!!! OH, and don't let me forget to say... these units have the follow me feature, the swing feature on the up and down AND the right and left, the Dry mode, all kinds of fan speeds including a Mute feature to keep it quite, a Super mode for FAST heating or cooling if and when needed, and dim feature to cut off the lighting of the temperature so your bedroom will be nice and dark. Wow! I probably missed something but let me assure you I am WELL PLEASED with this purchase and so is my awesome wife... so you know since SHE IS HAPPY, I AM HAPPY! AND I almost forgot to mention... my home is 1900 square feet, brick, all on one level, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath. So with the old ductwork under the house there was ALOT of it! And it being 20 years old, I knew it had to be pretty NASTY... And I was RIGHT! Upon pulling it out I could EASILY understand why our sinuses seemed to CONSTANTLY bother us!!! The main air handler under the house was BLACK and moldy or mildew or something nasty from head to toe!!! GROSS! Guess what? Now that we have no NASTY ductwork, we have no sinus problems! Isn't that interesting?? Got the sniffles? Dare you to open up your unit and check with the old white glove test. And no wonder our electric bill is more efficient now as my head units don't have to push air thru what seems like a mile of flex duct to get inside the home, (real efficient idea there eh?) NOT!!! :-), :-)" John Story - 7/24/2018
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