Chigo 9000 Btu 16 SEER 110V Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump AC

Product Code: CS-25V1A-1C170AY4D
Brand: Chigo
Product Condition: New

 *Included In The Package:

*One (1) Indoor Unit with Remote

*One (1) Outdoor Unit (Compressor by Panasonic)

Heats & Cools (-4F/5F)

*One (1) Install Kit with Wires (25')
☆★ FREE! Pre-Wire Option ★☆
System will include a 25' wire already connected to the indoor unit.

Specifications CLICK HERE

*One (1) Factory Warranty:
Our Exclusive Warranty Card- CLICK HERE
7 Year Compressor / 5 Year Parts
*(Terms & Conditions Apply)


15-16 SEER FULL Inverter Line:
Comes Pre-Charged with Eco-Friendly R410A.
Multi-fold evaporator increases heat exchange & enhances efficiency

AIR PURIFICATION (Washable Filters)
PG motor, Sleeping Mode
LED LCD display

Ultimate in energy savings
Hi-Efficiency Compressor (Panasonic & Hitachi)
Anti-corrosive treatment
LCD wireless remote control
Air purifying filter
24 hour on/off timer
Quiet sleep operation
Auto and 3 speeds fan control
Vertical auto-swing
Signal reception indicator

Chigo is an International Air Conditioner Supplier, endorsed by Jackie Chan with more than 21 years experience in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Chigo possesses a modern R&D (Research and Development) production base and an entire industrial chain including compressors. By focusing on high end products, commitment to innovation and delivering ultimate comfort for global users.Chigo has gained magnificent popularity in more than 200 countries and regions across the world.

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Chigo Mini Split Heat Pump AC

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Customer Reviews
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I would buy it again! 4 product stars
"I have to say that this is a truly great operating machine, and plan on ordering two more for the upstairs of my house." Mercedes K. - 8/22/2016
Installation was relatively painless and the unit looks nice. 4 product stars
"I am very satisfied with this unit, works great. Installed my self with ease," Judy R. Regan - 7/19/2018
Awesome price, performs great. 4 product stars
"I am very pleased with this unit. super easy to operate with the remote control. Highly recommend it. it also looks great in your house." Simona L. - 8/9/2016
Work's great! 4 product stars
"Remote control is wonderful it's like having central air. I ended up buying two systems." Grace Marenco - 12/6/2017
Small & Sufficient! 4 product stars
"This is perfect for someone who needs to cool a small-medium room. It sufficiently cools the hottest room in my house." Joaquin U. - 1/24/2017
Very very happy 4 product stars
"This is my SECOND unit." Sharon F. Metts - 2/15/2019
I get 3% discount. 4 product stars
"This system has sweet and low sound ." Jackson T. Wilson - 11/30/2018
Huge savings. 4 product stars
"I'm impressed so far. The tech was impressed with this unit also." Lucille J. Cline - 5/31/2018
Always I am being happy with Chigo units. 4 product stars
"Good product. Cools quick . Very quiet both inside and out - especially outside. Small internal unit. Head unit looks good, compact." Robbins Rush - 4/10/2017
I think the product is really good 4 product stars
"First of all I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived 2 days earlier than I expected. It cools quietly and efficiently. I Love it!!!" Drew Donald - 8/12/2016
My neighbour has the same unit. 4 product stars
"Saved on electricy bills over winte. itself pay already." Marcus M. Powell - 1/8/2019
I am glad I did it! 4 product stars
"If you are thinking about buying this system. Do it!" Tina Tan - 3/21/2018
Perfect solution for our remodeled game room. 4 product stars
"You can't go wrong with this system and you won't be disappointed!" Amber Torrento - 1/8/2018
It works really good and very fast also. 4 product stars
"Very fast cooling, Quiet operation, So this is very good option for who are looking for a good mini split system." Ronald Heathcliff - 3/3/2017
It is very good! 4 product stars
"The electricity bill is also very low" Keith D. Garcia - 10/23/2018
Nice asthetic design! 4 product stars
"I did a lot of research before buying this unit, and I decided to go with Chigo." Alicia Kembur - 5/9/2017
Cools and heats the house super quick. 4 product stars
"Very quiet don't even know it's on." Diane D. Cox - 10/26/2018
Glad I listened. 4 product stars
"If you are unsure of how to install hire a professional. Don't risk getting hurt or ruining your system. The HVAC professional installed my system, it ran quiet and cooled down the space rather fast." Naty Osborn - 10/3/2016
Perfect for me! 4 product stars
"This product is really good and I am fully satisfied with this." Norma W. Sussman - 8/20/2018
A really , really good brand! 4 product stars
"We purchased two units some 6 months ago, in our new house. Saved a ton of money with my news mini split systems. Quiet, cool and Energy efficient." Kina Tump - 5/29/2017
Now I can stay comfortable in my room all year. 4 product stars
"We have only had it about a month but it seems to work very well and is extremely quiet." Natalia Bulnes - 3/6/2018
It cools my room in few seconds. 4 product stars
"I bought this mini split AC 4 years ago and still thier has nvr been a need for servicing it." Donna H. Siefert - 9/28/2018
I'll will buy it again if need be. 5 product stars
"The price is great." Byron M. Jones - 6/8/2018
NICE AND QUIET! 5 product stars
"I bought this mini split for my room. Turned it on and what a surprise, It's runs great!" Raymundo - 9/4/2017
Perfect! 5 product stars
"Month ago I purchased a newer model for the master bedroom and it's wonderful." Tom Pierrefeu - 3/30/2017
Probably the best unit I have purchased. 5 product stars
"I have never regretted getting this mini split system. It has worked as I expected." Misha Cocamir - 3/15/2017
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