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Excellent Product. 3 product stars
"I should state that, since I live in Florida, I never run the system in heat-pump mode, no matter how cold it gets outside, which isn't to cold. I use space heaters if I really need some heat. So this may have something to do with the longevity of the multi zone. I'd love to get another 10 years out of it. So, you might say that I am very satisfied." Hung - 8/28/2015
I'm happy with Midea Products. 4 product stars
"It has been working fine and hasn't needed any repairs." Margaret T. Sanchez - 4/4/2016
I suggest to buy this air conditioner. 4 product stars
"You can trust this brand without any second thought I can say this from my experience." Gail J. Carmona - 8/25/2018
Awesome! 4 product stars
"I wanted to make a good purchase on an air conditioner unit and I bought this mini split for my house. Excellent product. Hope my experience helps you decide!" Miguel Pacheco - 9/14/2017
Works excellent. 4 product stars
"I am completely pleased with the delivery of my mini split air conditioner." Teresa Gil - 4/11/2018
I would recommend it to anyone that asks about Midea heat pump products. 4 product stars
"There is nothing in particular that I can say I dislike about our heat pump. The only thing I don't like about it is that living in a rural area our electricity goes off often and we wish it ran on a battery to keep the house warm or cool! I live in a brick .2000 sq. ft. 8 room home and it keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer so it is the idea heat pump for us. I would recommend it to anyone and I will defenitley buy the same brand again for my next purchase." N. Conley - 9/29/2015
Midea is a great product 4 product stars
"I would absolutely recommend a Midea to everyone! When the time comes and it needs to be replaced it will be replaced by another Midea!!" B. Quintero - 6/16/2015
Highly Recommend 4 product stars
"We have had zero issues with our Midea Multi Zone heat pump. The company who installed the system is the best. Our neighbors went with a different company same unit. They have had several installation issues over the past few years." Edwin M. - 7/10/2015
Turns out, the AC was a great gift. 4 product stars
"I was planning on getting her a really cool birthday present to my mom. That's right, I sent her this mini split unit as an early birthday present. When she recently called me, I was expecting to hear what a boring gift I sent. My mother loves the gift." Kory Jackson - 2/18/2017
Lot better than I believed! 4 product stars
"Excellent product, works great." Andy - 9/1/2017
Was very easy to install. 4 product stars
"I'm so impressed with how easy this unit was to install, I'm ordering couple more for other rooms in the house." Taysha Glitter - 1/19/2018
Consumes much less electricity. 4 product stars
"It has specially designed air outlet system that swings up and down to ensure that air reaches every corner of the room." Paulette J. Sterner - 12/5/2018
I have been lucky? 4 product stars
"This is my first time using this A/C unit and I love it." Robert A. Nagel - 8/5/2018
Product is very good! 4 product stars
"This can be used 24 hours a day. It gives us the coolest air as compared to others." Dale M. Nicholas - 9/27/2018
I have been quite impressed with this model. 4 product stars
"I will definitely buy this model again and surely recommend it to my family, colleagues and friends." Marielosos D. - 6/9/2016
Allow me to have different temps in different rooms. 4 product stars
"Extremely pleased at this time!" Keith M. Bain - 7/2/2018
Saves your electricity to a great extent. 5 product stars
"This is just an amazing multi split system with a wide range of amazing features that you will definitely love." Felipe C. - 8/25/2017
This company give best customer care support! 5 product stars
"If you are looking for an Air Conditioner that is high on efficiency but low on Energy consumption then buy this Mini split ac." Clara Coqueto - 11/22/2017
Thanks for going above and beyond! 5 product stars
"I would recommend Minisplitwarehouse to anyone and I will kept them in my file should I have future shopping." Kritza Allur - 5/21/2018
Midea is really good. 5 product stars
"Perfect cooling and no noise. It has all that I wanted technically." Isis N. - 5/23/2018
Package came quick! 5 product stars
"This system allows me to have different temps in different rooms." Jimmy H. Putnam - 6/14/2018
I feel great about Midea Equipment. 5 product stars
"It's been two years since I purchased my Midea heat pump and it's been working great, without any problems. My heating in the winter is perfect and my summers are very cool." Stacey M. Oliver - 2/16/2016
I highly recommend Midea systems. 5 product stars
"Equipment works great! I have no complaints and I recommend it to others." Susan A. Cox - 3/11/2016
A Solid Choice 5 product stars
"It's cooled down my house without so much as a blip; and It does so quietly and effortlessly. In fact, its noise level is probably my favorite thing about it." Sandra Mills - 6/3/2015
Works great! 5 product stars
"I would definitely recommend this brand over any I have ever owned. The combination of quiet, efficiency and also the fact that my neighbors have also been Midea customers for years all make this a no brainer." John L. Cunningham - 2/1/2016
What A Deal 5 product stars
"I had Mitsubishi quote a 4 room system, they wanted 9,600! Found this one, had my installer put it in for 1000. Works flawlessly" Joseph - 5/31/2015
Good equipment 5 product stars
"The only better thing than the price is how comfortable my home has been. Humidity is no longer an issue. Quite quite all I can say. Great guys who installed it. I would recommend then to any body." Grady - 9/15/2015
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