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I lOVE MIDEA AC products 3 product stars
"Since I have had the unit installed I have cut my electric bill by 25%. The only complaint that i could possibly have about the system is that it is rather noisy outside, and when it goes into the defrost setting it gets really loud, all in all I would have to recommend this unit because of the savings and so far the dependability." Manuel - 9/30/2015
Cool 4 product stars
"Amazing heat output. No problems in 1 year. Love the efficient Scroll compressor, really lowered cooling costs when installed. Have heard the new owners are not as concerned with quality." M. Howard - 7/29/2015
It has never given any troubles. 4 product stars
"Simple, efficient, and cool the way I like it. Everyone tells me I will get more than 10 years with this new unit." Kathy L. - 5/13/2016
Very quiet don't even know it's on. 4 product stars
"Strongly recommended for bedrooms because it will not disturb your dreams." John M. Williams - 10/12/2018
Very good unit. Cycles well ,and does the job. Has cut utility bills by at least 35% 4 product stars
"I love the Midea system, efficient and extremely quiet. Our electric bill has decreased by about 30%. I believe our contactor made all the difference because he seem to know the ins and outs of the unit and with all the safety and new specs required on these new systems." Mann - 11/20/2015
i am satisfied with this product 4 product stars
"Energy saving 5 star with high cooling ." Iris De Arco - 5/14/2018
I got value for money! 4 product stars
"I newly purchased it and in this hot climate it give me the coolest temperature and it's takes less electricity and it is affordable too." James B. Wilder - 9/27/2018
Five Stars 4 product stars
"This is one of the best investments I've ever made! It's kept me comfortable... the remote control makes it even better!" Rina Pascual - 1/24/2017
It was a great buy. 4 product stars
"I would recommend to anyone that they buy one of this great system." Irene C. Braaten - 7/4/2016
Happy! 4 product stars
"I was so confident and happy with this mini split that I purchased another for my grandmother to upgrade her old window air conditioner. This mini split does not fail to live up to expectations of what an air conditioner should be. As far as cooling it does an excellent job." Chiara Kiehl - 12/21/2017
It kept home nice and cool. 4 product stars
"My Midea mini split works great. I haven't had any problems at all. It runs very quietly and sits just outside my kitchen window. My house is perfectly cool and wonderful." Jennifer J. Minto - 4/5/2016
Very Happy! 4 product stars
"The mini split unit has worked without any problems and the utility bills are very reasonable. I think a lot of the issues people run into is a result of poor installation quality." Alana M. - 6/21/2016
It offers 5 star rating! 4 product stars
"The system is equipped with a motor which ensures that the fan placed in the indoor unit performs efficiently." Inge C. Staggers - 12/5/2018
It is funny when you find a product this good! 4 product stars
"I am a believer in AirCon products. This mini split system works okay!" Angello - 11/6/2017
Great investment! 4 product stars
"Installation was easy and the unit looks nice. Do yourself a favor and order this product!" Julian Sams - 12/18/2017
Happy customer of Daikin unit! 4 product stars
"This is my second daikin system. My firts unit, it still runs great. I'm not looking to have a reason to spend on up to replace my old system which is still working wonderfully. I will buy this system to my mother." Ancy Gathier - 7/18/2017
My new Midea multi split unit is quite impressive. 5 product stars
"If I ever had to purchase another heat pump, I would definitely consider another Midea." Vanessa W. O'brien - 1/26/2016
Unit is very quiet and works wonderfully. 5 product stars
"Love it works great. It arrived on time and the product was as pictured. I'm very happy with the unit . Thanks" Caitlyn Herren - 10/10/2017
One word...amazing! 5 product stars
"My electric bill significantly lower as well." Daniela Franco - 10/13/2016
Great Multi Zone Ductless Mini Split unit. 5 product stars
"Everything is done with a remote, how convenient. Timers can be set, which is helpful. It's also nice not having to mess with an air conditioner every spring and fall. All in all these are a great long term investment." Shawn - 9/16/2015
I highly recommend this unit. 5 product stars
"No complaints." Eloy V. - 12/14/2017
Ductless Heat Pump Works Great 5 product stars
"I live in Jacksonville Beach Florida, probably a location with the highest "temperature index" (heat and humidity) in the country. This zone system works its heart out 365 24/7. Highly recommend Midea." Carol N. Bridges - 8/11/2015
They are very economical and with minimum maintenance. 5 product stars
"My wife decided to buy this minis split AC and we were soon pleased. It's a great air-conditioner, and I recommend it." Nathan - 8/17/2017
The unit works as expected, 5 product stars
"I am very satisfied with this mini split unit, works great." Grey - 9/1/2017
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