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5 product stars
Simply Awesome - Kenneth - 12/29/2014
The product is as per expectation. Brand new and in good packing condition when delivered. Working very well.

5 product stars
Value For Money ...Great Deal - Jean - 12/10/2014
It is a very nice one. Quick and an Even cooling are the best in it. It just my second day, so cant comment on its Energy saver. But am really happy with this Friedrich product.

5 product stars
Good quality for the price! - S. Chaffin - 12/5/2014
The unit started cooling right away and had no problems at start up. This unit has the highest efficiency rating and can heat as well as cool. A real bonus when you compare it to other manufacturers.

5 product stars
best a/c and heat i ever had - Douglas - 12/1/2014
Easy to install. Worked great, I liked the remote more than I would have thought because the unit sits high on the wall. I can operate it without having to step up on a stool.

5 product stars
Really like it, very quiet - J. McGraw - 11/19/2014
Highly recommended unit that has a LOT of cooling/heating capacity. Compared to a traditional central heat pump system ... this unit is significantly less expensive on a BTU to cost comparison IMHO.

5 product stars
extremely satisfied would recommend unit - Williams - 11/5/2014
The amount of coolness that this product produces is unbelievable..I am extremely impressed with this Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. In my opinion there are no other products on the market that compare to Mini split! And believe me I have tried others. Save your time and money and go with this company/products!

5 product stars
One very happy shopper!!! - Jonathan Bolton - 10/24/2014
I am very satisfied with Friedrich 24,000 Btu and would recommed their air conditioners to others, this is my second one and I am very pleased with it.

5 product stars
Really Nice Air conditioner - Eric - 9/2/2014
First of all, we all know that the brand Friedrich has been around for a long time. Their products have always been of the highest quality. This beautifully designed air conditioner is not only cost efficient, but a power house in distributing the nice cool air we all want to enjoy, expecially in the summer months.

5 product stars
Overall a great split - J. Owens - 4/14/2014
I got this model cause it was reccomended by the installer. It is a great unit and totally reliable and never had a problem to date. Just remember to keep the air filters clean and everything will be good!

5 product stars
My summer electricity is quite reasonable. - Jeanne - 3/19/2014
Installed in an open ended shop it works well. Quiet operation, and a good choice. I am encouraged to consider another Do It Yourself unit for use at home.

5 product stars
Absolutely Good! - Jason - 6/4/2013
Waiting on warmer weather to assess how good the system is. Would suggest this product to my friends.

5 product stars
So far so good. - Edith J. Pinckney - 5/28/2013
We have used this a/c unit 3 or 4 years. So far we are happy with the performance of the unit.

5 product stars
I love our new system! - Michael A. Monaghan - 5/21/2013
It is much more quiet and way more efficeint than our old model. It cools down the whole house very quickly.

5 product stars
Good job! - Andrew - 5/15/2013
The system is working well. Again, thank you very much for a job well done. We are really happy with the work done.

5 product stars
I could not ask for more. - Joseph - 5/14/2013
They came very promptly and installed my new air conditioning.

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