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4 product stars
So far very satisfied. So far no issues at all. - Jeff - 7/15/2015
So far I would, and have, recommended the 36000 Btu 220v DC Inverter 15 Seer Mini Split Heat Pump AC to friends because for the price its one of the best heat pumps I have ever used. I honestly don't see the point in getting a higher end model, because really worth the price difference.

3 product stars
Midea works well for me - Nelson Acevedo - 6/30/2015
I put a 3 ton unit in my brothers house in 2013, replacing a 13 year old condenser that saw its better days, I haven't had a single problem or repair from day 1.

5 product stars
Love It ! - Emma - 6/8/2015
It was the right decision. Efficient compressor, ultra high Seer, quite, efficient, tax savings, etc....wish I would of made this choice years ago and saved myself allot of grief.

5 product stars
Really Impressed - Frank - 5/31/2015
I am really pleased with the performance, definitely would recommend to friends and family

3 product stars
Running strong - Jake Vandyke - 5/26/2015
House is old and the unit have not missed a beat in 3 years. It has now developed a refrig leak in the evap coil, so I will be changing out the unit, but it has been a good system.

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