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Extremely Efficient! 4 product stars
"we are very pleased with the service provided by this company." Kimmy Toms - 4/5/2017
Good product! 4 product stars
"I bought this product recently and I'm bowled over by the price offered at minisplitwarehouse. very cheap!" Chrissy Osodok - 6/22/2017
Excellent service and products! 4 product stars
"Very happy with our new a/c & thermostat." Milagros B. Eisenman - 7/6/2018
Comparatively cheapest price! 4 product stars
"The cooling is excellent and the AC looks nice too." Jane Joy - 4/4/2018
Very happy! 4 product stars
"The design of the interior unit is unobtrusive. Both indoor and outdoor units are extremely quiet and power consumption is comparable to the smaller unit." Hanna Griffy - 4/28/2017
I like it 4 product stars
"its consumes very low electricity" Andres Corson - 9/11/2018
I needed to replace my HVAC system 4 product stars
"I'm so glad I buyed this systems" kEYLA h. - 3/20/2018
Whisper Quiet! 4 product stars
"I purchased four heads and a main unit, I have found the units to be extremely quiet and functional." Ingrid G. - 3/24/2017
I am truly in good hands. 4 product stars
"My old AC stopped working last week. I was so happy with the system. I'm so glad I called minisplitwarehouse." Santy Rubio - 7/3/2017
Works great. Very solid materials. 4 product stars
"I buy lots of mini splits and they are the best! they actually hold the compressor the correct distance from the wall, they are also one of the cheapest systems." Scott Pridge - 6/13/2017
This is my second Olmo split system. 5 product stars
"We have one down the other end of the house and I can't fault it. It was mounted on the wall and the result was fantastic. The remote control is easy to use." Olivia Urdaneta - 4/19/2017
Great product. Super quiet, I can barely hear it. Works flawlessly! 5 product stars
"I installed it myself about 4 weeks ago and so far have had no problems." David M. Matthews - 6/11/2018
Good product! 5 product stars
"Easy installation. Thanks Olmo." Messi Abreu - 5/24/2017
it's extremely quiet and this is important. 5 product stars
"I can breathe great and the temperature is always perfect." Evangelina M. - 10/5/2016
We bought a second unit to get the place cool. 5 product stars
"So make sure you get the right size." Laura Bermudez - 4/20/2018
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