YMGI 30000 Btu 16 Seer 220v Ductless Heat Pump AC

Product Code: WMMS-30K-V2B(58)2
Brand: YMGI
Product Condition: New
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***YMGI Warranty Must Be Registered Within 7 Days Of Installation***

This Unit Heats & Cools

1 Indoor Unit
1 Remote Control
1 Indoor unit wall mount bracket
1 Outdoor Unit (Compressor Made by Sanyo)
1 installation kit (25ft Copper Lines, insulation, wiring cables, wall sleeve pipe, cable tie, pipe wrap, and condensate drain hose)
Factory Warranty : 5 Year Compressor 1 Year on Parts

Product specification 
Installer's Instruction Manual 
User's Manual  

YMGI DC Inverter Mini Split Heat Pump is an attractively designed slimline High Wall unit. 

This system features YMGIs DC Inverter technology & Adaptive Smart Control which enables the unit to modulate its capacity to meet higher or lower loads depending on the room and outdoor temperature.

YMGI DC Inverter Heat Pump is the perfect unit used for high-rise building, hotels, homes, sunrooms, condos, resorts, factories and nursing rooms.

DC Inverter
Adaptive Smart Control
High Efficiency
Optimized System Design
Quick Cooling and Heating
Independent Dehumidification
Intelligent/Mechanical Defrosting
Quiet Operation
Multi-Fold Evaporator
Random Pitch Cross Flow Fan Wheel
Wide Angel Air Spread
24-hour timer
Memories & Auto Restart
Anti-Cold Blowing During 
Heating Season
Over correct & Thermal Protection
Sleep Mode
Enhanced Copper/coil
Digital Display
Stylish Looking
Easy Installation
Easy Operation
Thoroughly Tested
Reliable Quality

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Customer Reviews
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All I can say is I am satisfied. 4 product stars
"A silent air conditioner which is very effective and quiet. strongly recommended." Virginia - 2/5/2015
remote control are very easy to use. 4 product stars
"I will be using YMGI systems again based in this experience and I recommending them." Francie Ribeiro - 4/7/2017
Good energy efficientcy rating! 4 product stars
"I have been very satisfied with this unit since it was installed 18 months ago. It has operated through two summers and two winters without fault Would buy another with no hesitation." John T. Fortier - 4/16/2014
Great! 4 product stars
"I purchased this air Conditioner and use it for 2 summers. The compressor has a 5 year warranty. The unit is light and worth the cost." Randi Hill - 5/8/2017
A cold dream! 4 product stars
"Great for those nights where it stays hot and or humid making it difficult to sleep. It is working perfectly and coping brilliantly with hot days over the last 4 days. I will strongly recommend everybody and anybody to purchase YMGI systems." Almeida Lewis - 4/7/2017
It is just awesome! 4 product stars
"Very professional and excellent customer service!" Chester S. Collins - 12/14/2018
Excellent. 4 product stars
"Great product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reverse cycle split, you are certainly getting a top quality product." Michael D. Connors - 1/15/2019
The first surpriseis that it is relatively small and very light for the cooling it achieves. 4 product stars
"I had read about the quality of models on review centre. I bought it about a month ago and I have been very impressed." Brandi Sosa - 3/8/2018
Good Product! 4 product stars
"I am happy with this deal." Pearlie A. Dorsey - 8/20/2018
Good Product 4 product stars
"I installed this myself and would recommend any handy person to do the same, it took about 3 hours plus the slab and initialization. I spent a lot of time on the vacuum to make sure it was perfect. This heat pumps are good and easy to install, save on electric bill." Jimmy M. Weidner - 11/10/2014
Good Product 4 product stars
"Very Good Product From YMGI. Power Saver and perfect cooler" Ramon - 12/30/2014
Quiet and efficient! 5 product stars
"Can't wait for summer, It will be great to have a cool bebroom." Jon Henderson - 9/27/2017
Split ductless air conditioner a good solution for my office. 5 product stars
"Split ductless air conditioner a good solution for my office. I actually Transformed my old garage into a office so I can work from home. I was going to spend a hell of lot more money adding ductwork to the room However my friend told me about this wonderfull product and I bought it." Virginia Bejarano - 1/10/2013
Wonderful ACs. 5 product stars
"They use a lot less electricity than normal airconditioners. It even reduced in our office expenses. All work places should have YMGI ACs because of their brilliant characteristics." David N. Scarborough - 6/16/2014
Sanyo Minisplit is Slow. 5 product stars
"Sanyo Minisplit is Slow. We have this reverse cycle air conditioner in a LARGE office , and it works like a dream! This machine is so quiet, you won't even know it's on. It heats/cools the space very quickly, and maintains a consistent temperature. We bought it mainly for its cooling function, and find that we can quite comfortably leave it on all night, if required, without feeling chilled." Lucien P. Dukes - 3/4/2013
Great solution 5 product stars
"We purchased one of these through MinisplitWarehouse from June of 2012. Set it up halfway through the summer, and have been running it hard ever since. So, after two years of experience, I would say that this has been successful. We installed the unit on the main floor of a two story house and we find that it is effective in helping to heat the main floor and providing some heating to the 2nd floor." K. Fleenor - 11/12/2014
Great Price 5 product stars
"Very good. Fast and best cooling. Without thinking go for it." Micheal - 1/13/2015
Split System Air Conditioning Units WOOW!!! 5 product stars
"Split System Air Conditioning Units WOOW!!I could say that this is one of those, I liked more! You could describe them completely but few serious words, try it yourself!" Jeffrey Ryan - 12/10/2012
Strongly recommended! 5 product stars
"Very quiet don't even know it's on. Hasn't impacted the electricity bill. The look of the unit is quite nice and doesn't look out of place." Hillary Tompson - 6/26/2017
A great A.C 5 product stars
"I am very happy with the performance of this unit and would definitely recommend it to those who are viewing this review. It cools off my living room within minutes after being switched on. It has a filter that ensures clean air circulates the room." Debra E. Newman - 7/2/2014
extremely quiet operation and reliable. 5 product stars
"Price, quality, reliability all excellent. Quiet. Efficient. Everything you'd expect from an air conditioner. Thinking of getting a second one so that says a lot about it." Carter - 3/21/2014
This split air conditioner performs well. 5 product stars
"The reasons why I bought the YMGI brand were based on price, efficiency and quality. I read many reviews, talked with several manufactures and have to say I am very happy and very satisfied with my choice." R. Collins - 12/2/2014
it's A Perfect AC 5 product stars
"Product works very fine. Cools the room within minutes. Go for it. You cant get 5 star AC at this price. In all it is the best product at this price and I think YMGI has no competition.." Parks - 12/16/2014
The air conditioner is in the kitchen. 5 product stars
"It cools the room very fast and stays cool for a while, has a thermostat on it so it goes off when too cool and comes on when too hot. Easy to install, good price, looks good, I reccommend anyone to buy this product. We installed the model in the kitchen, but to our surprise, the YMGI air conditioner cools the entire floor!" Aurore - 9/4/2014
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