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Welcome to MiniSplit Warehouse, here you will find that we offer the best priced Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner Units on the market today. We have searched the world to locate the systems that will give you the highest quality at the most affordable price's possible. We also have a A+ on the BBB, which was earned through hard work and top notch customer service. Many other companies have to pay the BBB for an Accreditation in order to get an A or a A+, but not us. Most major brands like: Mitsubishi, Lennox, Trane, York, Sanyo and Fujistu do not offer factory warranties on their products if sold onlineWe only offer systems that will keep their factory warranties if sold online. (All Our systems must be installed by a Licensed HVAC contractor in order to keep the factory warranty and to ensure the system will operate properly). We offer many brands like : Carrier Midea, GoodmanChigoCooper & HunterAirCon, YMGI, Comfortside,  Daikin, Arctic King Portable Units and More. 


What kind of benefits will a mini-split unit offer? Is it the same as central systems? Is a small compact unit really better than the bulky central units we've come accustomed to over the years? Are you searching the web for the best prices? Do these systems provide the same comfort level as large traditional systems? If so, how do they do it without using a duct? Can these units heat and cool more than one room? Well, you've come to the right place if these are the types of questions you find yourself asking. If like many, you are just curious about the newest technology and what it can do for you. We have the best wholesale prices and the most knowledge! We look forward to sharing our expertise on the systems that we carry. Please contact us with any questions you may have! We look forward to your business, and we appreciate your visit to our website today. Please see the categories above for our sale prices. 

Mini-Split Air Conditioner

The mini split air-conditioner units offer a lower cost option than wasting valuable resources where they are least needed. With these air conditioner systems, you can add multiple indoor evaporators where they are needed most. Each unit can heat or cool several rooms, but still uses only the one smaller external compressor. Over the long run, minimizing cooling and heating exposure you can realize those tremendous savings we all so desperately need in these troubled times. Wouldn't it be nice to save money and get that comfort you deserve all at the same time? Well, with one of our ac units installed, you can!  

So, exactly what are these air conditioner systems? What makes it different than traditional air conditioner system? Basically this system is similar to standard central in that it has a controller, an indoor evaporator and is connected to an outside condenser unit which provides the compression for providing cooling and heating. This is pretty standard for most climate control systems. It has the ability to be customized for heating and cooling. Most of us spend the majority of the time in our homes in just a few rooms, such as the living room or the bedroom. With central heating, you are paying to heat and cool a the entire house even rooms that you may not even be in. With the units we offer, you can choose to heat or cool only certain rooms, thereby cutting energy use tremendously.   

Mini-Split Heat Pump

The mini split heat-pump has been on the news recently, touted as being more in line with the demanding need of the world today to conserve precious electricity, but do they really offer a cost savings? Through follow up support and customer satisfaction surveys, some of our customers have reported up to a dramatic 50% reduction in the heating and cooling portion of their electric bill with heat pump units. So, it's easy to see that if you use less electricity, then yes, you are saving those desperately needed fuel supplies for the future generations. Undoubtedly, they will face an ever increasing demand for total internal environment control as the impact of the many years of reckless energy policies take their over-whelming grip on the mother Earth. Will a heat pump ac system help when those unavoidable lows set in? You can rest assured that you wont notice any difference during the drastic climate swings with a ductless heat pump.

How are the ductless heat pump systems? Do the units perform as well with heating as they do with cooling? The answer is a not so surprising, Yes! You get the same cooling and warmth with the heat pump unit as with any other heating system, but with a modest and frugal electrical consumption. Imagine basking in the comfort and glow of the new heat pump unit with a cup of hot cocoa while watching the snow drift by outside, not a care in the world! You can do this with one of our efficient heat-pump units knowing that you are covered for years to come.   

Ductless Mini-Split
Together, we can choose the best ductless system for your particular application. There are a variety of models with varying degrees of cooling and heating just a few rooms, or to maintain an entire household. Doesn't your family deserve the satisfaction of knowing that all of their comfort & relaxation needs can be taken care of with one simple ductless system? We provide the much needed ductless reviews, with the many brands we carry. With our ductless products you can even please those who have different needs. One zone can be cooled for those who are hot blooded, while another area can be heated.

Ductless heating and cooling comes in particularly useful for those who may be avid computer gamer or electronics enthusiasts. Heavy equipment can and often does generate a considerable amount of heat. Enough in some cases I've dealt with that users have been able to heat an entire room just with computers! It's easy to see a situation where one room is too hot from overuse, and other parts of the home can be too cold from ambient temperatures. With a ductless unit in place, this no longer has to be a burden on your family and loved ones who deserve the best comfort than can be afforded, all at huge savings over the traditional jumble of an environmental systems .    

Ductless heating & cooling units are warmer and more economical than regular heating units because they don't use those over sized, bulky components. Not only is the materials used to make them an added cost, but its been reported up to 30% of the power used is lost in those long, dark tunnels running everywhere under the house, and through the attic (Ducts). With our ductless hvac units, you can put the heat to the most use and reap the benefits of not having to install, clean, and maintain traditional duct work.   

Ductless Air Conditioner
Ductless air conditioners help eliminate smog and pollution through its eco friendly design, and has been hailed as a nessecity where things have gotten progressively worse due to population explosion. Imagine, just with the elimination of the duct work, the savings, and the fact that the amount of metal and insulation used in the typical installation is enough to make a car!

Consider our ductless air-conditioner products as an Earth friendly alternative to those other massive, electricity consuming systems,and give us a call today! Ductless ac's are all the rage overseas as well. In the crowded and often stuffy settings of larger cities, our ductless airconditioners perform wonderfully, keeping everyone toasty or chilly as they desire. 
Air conditioner cost is low here at the warehouse. The only thing that separates these ductless systems from the ones that heat is a reversing solenoid. Most of the time a ductless ac system is meant to cool and area rather that heat. Most of these air conditioners are referred to as straight cool, or cool only and will be slightly less than a heat-pump system that produces heat. In our experience it is often more popular to get a ductless heat pump ac system that does both heating and cooling. 

Heat Pump is the most searched for terms on the web today, we offer some of the most affordable heating cooling systems you can find here in the USA. Seer (seasonal efficiency ratio) originated in Asia, and quickly spread around the world! Used in many places like Europe, China, Japan, South America, North America, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Russia, Korea, and Australia - virtually every country in the world uses these systems. Because of this they are becoming more and more popular here in the USA. We look forward to helping you choose the best ductless heat-pump system for your home or office! 

A ductless system does not need the ducts in order to cool a room. The blowers just flush mount to the inside of the room that you want to heat and cool and the inside unit attaches to the exterior unit via wires and copper lines. This makes installation easy as no ducts need to be installed. A ductless system is one of the fastest installations on the market, simple installs can take 2 hours.

Popular today in the USA market. As more people add onto their homes like : Garages, Sun rooms, Garden Grow Rooms, Room Additions they find that ductless systems are a much more affordable route as opposed to upgrading their central systems. These ductless units are even great for supplementing an existing central system that just isn't doing as good in a room as it should. We look forward to helping you choose the right ductless product for your application today! 

Heat Pumps are systems that allow the freon to run in reverse via a reversing solenoid. This allows the refrigerant to produce heating or cooling to the indoor unit. These systems are exponentially more efficient when compared to any other ducted or window system. Heat your house with electricity only, and save money of your energy bill with one of these ductless heat pump systems!

Ductless systems are often a popular product in the commercial industry also. You will find banks, schools, server rooms, warehouses, businesses use them more often than a residence. Its much more easy to control the temp with a dedicated system in every room. Imagine only using the system when you are in the room instead of heating or cooling an entire house like with a central system. Going ductless can save you a minimum of 30% in energy when compared to a central system at the same size. This alone will pay for itself over time. Please consider purchasing one from us today!

Ductless systems are soon to be the most used heating and cooling systems in the world. As the world gets educated on energy saving, more and more people are searching for these dc inverter system on a global level. As you read on you will learn that compared to any other system, a ductless system is the best when it comes to energy consumption. 

Popular Questions from our customers:

Question: Why is a ductless system more efficient than a central system?
The easiest answer is the fact that you loose 30% of your energy cost in your ducts. Having no ducts saves you at least 30% and we haven't begun to consider electrical consumption yet. If we factor in energy consumption you can save 50-60%. Ill explain why, When you compare a 2 ton Central System to a 2 ton (24000 btu) ductless system. First off, your central system requires (2) 220v disconnects at 30 amps each. Our ductless air conditioning systems only needs one 220v disconnect. Secondly a central system will draw 20 amps inside and 20-30 amps outside while running meanwhile each component is drawing about 2000 watts each (4000+ watts total). Where as ductless systems will only use 10-11 total amps while running and only use 2000-2500 watts....a considerable difference. Our customers have reported to us a 50% year round savings off their normal energy cost after they switched to strictly non-ducted system.

Question: What size system is right for me?
Answer 1:  "What BTU is Needed for The Area
100-400 Sq Feet a 9,000 Btu or 3/4 Ton is recommended.  
400-500 Sq Feet a 12,000 Btu or 1 Ton is recommended.
500-800 Sq Feet a 18,000 Btu or 1.5 Ton is recommended.
800-1200 Sq Feet a 24,000 Btu or 2 Ton is recommended.
1200-1500 Sq Feet30,000 Btu or 2.5 Ton is recommended.
1500-1800 Sq Feet a 36,000 Btu or 3 Ton is recommended.
1800-2000 Sq Feet a 48,000 Btu or 4 Ton is recommended.
2000 Sq Feet and up a 60,000 Btu or 5 Ton is recommended.  

Answer 2: Now what size copper line set do you need?
Well just how far apart do you plan to mount the inside unit away from the outside unit?
Depending on this answer you can choose systems that have 12', 15', 25', or 50'. Anything larger than that you would need your contractor to just add on what you need they sell most of the soft copper you need at Home Depot or Lowes, Its often cheaper if they provide it at cost rather than buying it a full retail online. Most systems are pre-charged for 25', so any lines larger than thi more freon will need to be added.

Answer 3: Now the most important! What is your budget?
Since we carry so many different brands you can pick and choose a ductless system that may be in more of your price range. Just be sure to factor in the above two variables when making your choice. Daikin Prices tend to be on the higher side. 

Question: What is a ductless air conditioning system?
Answer: These Air Conditioning systems separate the compressor from the air handler, making a more efficient and much more quiet of a system. Just like a central, the compressor will sit outside and the air handler will be mounted inside. They will connect together with copper lines and send freon through those lines to one another. These systems are much more smaller than a normal central system. For instance the air-handler is a small wall mounted system that looks very Hi Tech when mounted to your wall (see the product pictures for example).

Question: How much should I expect to pay a contractor to install one of these systems?
Answer: This will vary on the contractor your choose, for example : If you choose a contractor who has 12 trucks, and crews, with allot of overhead, his prices will be much higher and most of the time they will not want to install a system that you buy from someone else as they will want to make as much money as they can by selling you the product. In our experience you can find local contractor who would love to have your business by searching on sites like craigslist, the contractors we speak to often charge 50-65 per hour. If you have a simple install it could take them 2-4 hours for a small single zoned system. Or they may want to charge a flat rate like $500, but again you can choose who ever you feel the most comfortable with in pricing and service. If you can try to get them to provide a free labor warranty for at least the same amount of time your parts warranty is. Our customers have reported high costs at Home Depot and Lowes since they have now come into the market.

Question: How long does it take when I order one?
Answer: Normally 1-2 days to process your order. Once on a truck it will take 1-5 days via freight for it to reach you. (Depending on the system you order, they come from different warehouses around the USA) If you order a system that is close to you it will be delivered much faster. You can see on this page the location of most of our brands or just give us a call, we are happy to help. 

Question: Is one brand better than another brand?
Answer: No, on our website most of our systems are actually made by the same factory with the same Japanese parts. The quality and warranties are all similar. Some people want to buy systems with a largely known brand like Misubishi, Daikin, Carrier, Goodman and Friedrich, others are more interested in saving money by buying brands like Air-Con, Chigo, Cooper Hunter, and Midea as the quality is the same but they are more affordable since the brand doesn't spend millions on advertising. 

Question: If I buy these air conditioners online will I still have a factory warranty.
Answer: With the brands we carry, yes. However with York, Hitachi, Samsung, Mirage, LG, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Trane, Toshiba, Sanyo, Lennox, Panasonic, Lowes, Home Depot you have to purchase and have the system installed by their approved contractors- you will not get a factory warranty with their products if you order online. (We know this because we contacted each brand to offer their products to our customers and this is the info they provided.) 

A ductless system consist of an indoor unit, containing evaporator coil and blower and an outdoor unit containing a brand name compressor like GMCC Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Carrier, etc. A copper pipe, which transfers the refrigerant and links the outdoor and indoor units together. This technology has numerous possibilities. They are perfect for home, business, warehouse, garage, sunroom, hotel, motel, mobile homes that do not have central ac and heat, and do not want to settle for the noise, in-security and in-efficiency of window, wall & P-tac systems.  

If you struggle with installing and removing window air conditioners every summer and complain about losing the view out of your windows, or the convenience of opening them to fresh air, you are not alone in thinking there must be a better way. In fact, there is, it's called a ductless system. This technology can be used for heating or cooling and is especially well-suited to homes and businesses built without central systems. It is used increasingly in home improvement projects where a porch is enclosed or an attic or garage is converted to bedrooms. 

Every building and every situation presents its own problems with climate control. Architects and engineers have realized this for years and they have struggled to adapt technology to modern living demands. Ductless ac and heat now make the job much easier. These air conditioning systems use no duct work or ducted distribution. Because of that, there are few places where these air-conditioning systems cannot be installed. In addition to homes, the systems have been placed in thousands of offices, shops, motels and hotels, schools and universities, computer server rooms, banks, hospitals, nursing homes and labs.

We offer tips on sizing your system. Feel free to contact us to determine your btu based upon your room size. With many accessories to choose from, we can assist you to choose the best unit. Some of our products come with free accessories. We search the world for the best products at the best prices, so you don't have to. We have dedicated our time to to this new technology and we are specialists in the industry. We welcome any calls and questions about our products and we stand behind all the products we offer. We only offer systems that have a good track record in the industry.                         

People often wonder if ductless systems will be the system for their needs. If you have any room or building that could use some heating a ductless system will work for you. We even have customers with tractor trailers, rv's, shipping containers, mobile homes, mobile offices, and tiny homes- literally any application. If you currently do not have any ac or heat, or if you have a central system that does not cool well, adding a ductless system  provides better comfort than a window or wall systems. It is more quiet, more efficient and has more cooling capacity.

Instead of using window or wall units, which block windows and can present a security risk, the refrigerant lines and wiring come indoors through a three-inch hole in the wall. When properly positioned, the ductless ac system can easily cool an entire house. Unlike central systems, an outdoor unit for a ductless system is small and quiet. A typical indoor unit is only 32 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches deep and weighs about 18 lbs.

Models with built-in filters are often more effective than a central filter for removing larger allergen particles. These ductless heat pump systems are often used for cooling and heating in homes with hot water radiant (no hot duct work). Ductless heat pumps offer efficient heating in the winter too. These high wall mounted air conditioners are called ductless because they are similar to a regular ducted central, but on a much smaller scale and doesnt need the duct work. The compressor is located outdoors and a super quiet indoor evaporator is mounted high on a wall or ceiling. In addition to the comfort and quiet operation, using a ductless unit (with or without central) can save you money.

These systems allow you to cool only certain areas of your house during certain times, which results in big savings on your electric bills. For winter, you can choose a heat-pump model, with or without backup electric heat. If you hate that first shot of chilly when the blower starts, select a model with a pre heat function, most DC inverter units have this feature built in.  

For convenience and comfort, models have remote controls that regulate everything from temperature, louver directions, on/off times, etc. If your area has high humidity, all models have a "dry" mode setting which allows rapid independent dehumidification. This adjusts the flow for comfortable, low humidity level. Ductless HVAC systems have many functions. These are for all residential, multi-residential, and commercial applications. Residential is where these systems see the most actions. They have units both inside and outside of the building, the inside unit essentially controls the indoor tempurature, while the outside  compressor does most of the hard work. They are joined by a group of wires and copper and drain tubes to get the power, freon and moisture condensation to and from the inside and outside of the house or office.

In homes that are old, normally these systems are used because the degree of engineering that would probably be vital on the good old house would either be too much and could ruin the building structurally, or it could just be too highly-priced. Duct work and the installation concerned with it is quiet expensive and will require a qualified company to be involved, who will have to run ducts in your home, which unfortunately may possibly take a while and cost allot. With a ductless system it will be easier for you to control each room in your house, which is very popular to people who are interested in saving money by not cooling unoccupied rooms of their home. 

For someone who is leasing or renting out their duplex or multi home, a ductless system is easy to install and much more popular with their tenants. Their tenants can now set their temps to their own personal liking and often makes them a more happy tenant. Some people who own and rent out duplexes often purchase multi zoned systems which allows them to heat/cool multiple rooms and apartments with only using one outside compressor. This saves everyone on energy consumption and power supplies.  

Private buildings, churches, and offices are becoming more and more interested in these systems as they are easy to put in single offices. This makes its much less expensive to control the climate in these large building and is often much more affordable as opposed to purchasing 5 or 10 ton systems when you really only use 3 offices inside of the building. Ductless systems might be made use of in any way, for personal, multi family, and private use. Perhaps you are in the market for replacement cooling methods, please take a look at into the air conditioner systems we offer.

Right now there are many choices on heating and cooling products, but none of them are as popular as the systems we offer. When compared to window, central, portable, or wall units the split heat pump systems dominate in efficiency. Which is why they have been used around the world for decades and are increasingly becoming more and more popular every day! Join the rest of the world and go with a ductless system today!

The concept of cooling has been around for 70 years, and they not only cool the area but they dehumidify also. The temp may be ok, but if the humidity is high you will still feel hotter than normal. High humidity caused allot of respiratory problems to older and younger people. If you are working in high humidity your job can seem harder than normal. In addition to cooling and dehumidifying these air conditioner systems act as filter for the indoor air quality, they will increase your air quality and create a safer environment for you and your family. Some models are equipted with gold plated indoor coils, which are the bees knees when it come to killing mold and bacteria. 

The split systems we offer are a better alternative than using portable, window, or wall units. They will save you 30-50% energy off of your normal energy bill if you use those other systems in your house now. Smaller homes are especially in need of energy savings, instead of filling up your windows with systems you can now sleep easy with a permanent install that doesn't take up your window space. These systems are more similar to what you see in a hotel or motel, the main difference is the compressor is separate from the blower creating a near silent operation for you to enjoy. 

Maintaining the tempurature in your house is an important thing in these times. The systems we provide not only keep the humidity down, but they maintain the temp and humidity allot better than any window, wall, or Ptac system. With the systems we offer you will see an increase in a cozyness, and a decrease in energy consumption. Overall you will be a more happy family, when everyone is comfortable. 

Ductless systems are silent while running, which is a superb benefit if you have little children, difficulties sleeping, live close to neighbors, or love the calmness you come to feel like you have earned. These systems might also do "follow me" control which is great for the reason that it usually means you do not have to be heating or cooling the entire room, only the area you are spending time in. There is no reason to heat and cool the entire house if you are only in one room, and this is one of the only style of system that allows you to do this efficiently.

It is also fairly practical, as it allows you to regulate the system on one outdoor unit for up to five areas of your home, normally sometimes allowing for you to do so by use of a remote control which is allot easier to use. With zone cooling and heating, this style of system is likely to help you save you a great deal of money on your residence or office heating bill for the reason that you will not be using too much electricity. 

Cost on ductless systems, depending on the brand, can cost more or less than doing a central system in your home, just know that a ductless systems will pay for itself over time, normally within the first year. While these systems are ideal for some homes, it is important to look into all the solutions and talk to a qualified hvac contractor before making this very important final decision. Since these ductless systems have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with duct work of central forced systems.

Duct loss can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for any given space, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic. In comparison to other add-on systems, these systems offer more flexibility in interior design options. The indoor air handlers can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a drop ceiling, or hung on a wall. Floor standing models are also available. Most indoor units have profiles of about seven inches deep and usually come with sleek, high tech-looking jackets. They also have a remote control to make it easier to turn the system on and off when it positioned high on a wall or suspended from a ceiling. 

These air conditioning systems can also help to keep your home or office safer since there is only a small hole in the wall. Through-the-wall and window mounted room air-conditioners can provide an easy entrance for intruders. Expect to pay less for Chigo, Midea, Cooper Hunter, Air-Con, OLMO, YMGI, Goodman and Mr. Whisper than other brands. Contractors say they are cheaper to buy. Installation costs may also be lower because contractors say that Chigo is less selective about its authorized installers than other manufacturers. If you buy one of the Chigo brands, some critics indicate that you are more likely to get high quality installation if you choose a dealer that also sells a more expensive brands like Daikin. 

If you live in a development where multiple houses have the same floor plan, your neighbors may be the most accurate guide to good prices. Make sure bids include all costs, including any government fees (such as permits) and disposal of the old system. Manufacturers themselves don't reveal estimated installed costs. Experts agree that prices vary by region, and possibly even demand. Experts estimate that within a product line of otherwise identical central units, the price difference between a 15 SEER model and a 20 SEER model is about $500. Product quality may not have a lot to do with prices.

HVAC contractors with 50 years experience, say "As far as quality and brand go many expensive big name brands are the same as an economical cheap priced systems, even made on the same assembly line." That doesn't mean you receive no benefit for paying more. We cover a number of those benefits below. A higher price may also net a better warranty. Most central systems have ten year limited warranties on the compressor and five year limited warranties on all other parts. Judging from many owner posts in forums, manufacturers do not cover labor costs in their prices. Contractors usually offer one year warranties on the installation. Some offer lifetime warranties as a marketing tool.

How are these systems different than central air? The amount of cold entering the room can he controlled by a thermostat or it can be regulated by an infrared remote control, like a TV remote. One room or one area of a building can maintain a different temperature from another room or area in the same building. In a central system, refrigerant is pumped from the outdoor condenser coil indoors to a single indoor coil from which cooled air is distributed to each room through a system of ducts. In many houses and businesses, the amount of cold in one room cannot be regulated without changing the temperature of every room in the building. This technology can be used for heating or cooling and is especially well suited to homes and businesses built without central systems. It is used increasingly in improvement projects where a porch is enclosed or an attic is converted to bedrooms. Every building and every situation presents its own problems with climate control.

Architects and engineers have realized this for years and they have struggled to adapt technology to modern living and working demands. These ductless air conditioning systems now make the job much easier. HVAC systems are not normally sold directly to consumers. They must be installed by licensed contractors. Pricing is a package deal, which includes the labor, permits and whatever else is needed for your installation. Prices vary radically, depending on both the quality (or efficiency) of the unit and how much labor is needed. Installation and related costs are usually going to cost more than the system itself.  
It is among the most essential appliances used in homes and offices. These systems control the temperature effectively to a comfortable level and are used in most of the countries around the world. It is considered essential in countries with hotter climates and are used for both domestic and commercial purposes.There are different types. Though all of these serve the same purpose of cooling, some of the systems are more efficient and useful compared to the others. The use of it is known to accelerate the amount of electricity consumed but nevertheless, it is widely used by the majority of residences. In fact survival is difficult in countries with hotter climates without the use of these systems.

Knowing the Various Types of ductless systems, it is known by different names according to its specific features. Some of the systems have two parts or components which can be placed indoors and outdoors this is called "split". In the early days, it was considered as a luxury but with the rise in temperature, it has become an essential item. Some of the different types of include PTAC, Window Units, Portable, and so forth.

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