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Pay By CheckWire TransferPay By Cash

By using one of these methods instead of paying by credit card, we will discount your entire order by 3% (Because we don't have to pay credit card fee's)- Its Like Getting 3% Cash Back!

After you checkout and confirm your order, our accounting department will email your discounted price and confirm your payment method. (Check Via Mail, Check or Cash via In Bank Deposit(BOA, BBT, Wells Fargo, Chase), Bank Transfer/Wire or use Zelle to securely send money through your bank. We will provide you with the info you need to complete your payment via email. 

Please note that when you place your order, our system will automatically email you an invoice for the regular price- please wait for our accounting department to review your order and confirm your discounted price. 

 Pay By CheckPay By Check: Once the accounting department sends you your discounted price, they will also try and confirm if you would like to walk into one of our banks and complete the payment or if you would like to mail the payment. When mailing the payment, please use some type of tracking parcel and always make sure to put your order number on the check or provide a copy of your order with your check. 

Wire TransferPay By Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer): Once our accounting department send you your discounted price, they will also provide the information you need to complete your wire transfer. Some Banks charge a fee for this service, so please check with your bank beforehand. 

Pay By CashPay By Cash: Paying Cash can be in store, or you can walk into one of our many major banking locations to complete your payment. We bank with Bank Of America, BBT, Wells Fargo, and Chase Bank. Once our accounting department emails your discounted price to you, they will ask which of those banks is best for you. The information will then be provided via email. 

 Pay By Zelle: Zelle is a new payment sending method that is typically free with most major banks. Chase used to call it Quickpay, Wells Fargo used to call it Surepay, and most all of the major banks have adopted this as their new secure money sending method. Its free to the sender and receiver. Please check with your bank if you are not sure if you have Zelle. Once our accounting department sends you your discounted price, you can send your payment to us using our email: or you can provide the email you use with Zelle and we can send a request. 
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