Carrier Ductless Split Systems

Alternative To Carrier Ductless Splits.

So you know Carrier ac makes a good product and you want something comparable without the high price tag...  Consider this, the Midea air conditioners we sell are actually made in carriers factories. You can have a mini split with the same quality you'd expect with the big names without the high cost. This is also true for many other brands we carry. Most are made in the same factories as the larger name brand companies so your getting a quality product without the high end price.

Why does a Carrier HVAC unit cost so much more?

So if you know the smaller brands often come out of the same factories as the larger brands then your probably wondering why the larger companies charge so much more... You would think if they sell more units then they should actually be able to sell there systems cheaper. Problem is when you pay for so much in advertisements to bring in customers you have to pay for it somehow. Does the fact that these companies pay so much in advertising on there products make them any better? No but they get away with it because people assume that since they are paying a higher price they are getting a better product.

Still not sure if you agree? think of it this way. It cost large amounts of money to make factories with the huge machines necessary to make these mini splits in large numbers. Yet if you try to make a list of all the companies that make mini splits the list just never ends and only a hand full of these will be familiar names... Does it really make sense that every single one of these companies have there own factories? There's just no way. The fact is there's fewer factories than there are brands. The trick is finding out which of the smaller companies get there products from the higher quality factories and which do not. That's where we come in. Over the years we have weeded through what's good and bad and now everything we sell we are certain is just as high a quality as those expensive name brands but without the high price tag!

What about units similar to Mitsubishi ductless splits or Sanyo ductless splits?

Same thing goes for these. The brands we carry on our site have proven that they are built to just as high of standards. We often get customers calling after their AirCon or Klimaire lasted them 10-15 years and they want to go with the same exact brand again. Once you buy a product from us you can be certain that you have something durable that's going to last.

How does a Friedrich ductless split compare?

Friedrich has been building ac units since the 1950s. Its safe to say that they have the process down. Friedrich uses state-of-the art manufacturing to create a truly durable and reliable product. Also many of Friedrich's lines have energy-saving features like programmable thermostats and timers, and energy-efficient settings that can reduce costs. This is why we are proud to carry Friedrich's products and we know they will serve you well.

How do these compare to say a Trane ductless split?

Trane is just another big name. Just because a company is large doesn't mean there products are perfect. In fact the larger a company gets the more they out source and it gets harder and harder to tell what products are made where. One thing is for certain though, we can promise the systems we carry are top quality and not going to let you down.

Conclusion on Carrier ductless split systems.

Carrier certainly does not make a poor product but for the money you have to spend to buy one we feel there are much better options that may serve you even better.

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