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Ductless Air Conditioner Mini Split Heat Pump on Sale Now!

Ductless Air Conditioner is the sixth most searched for term on the Internet, and we are glad if that is how you found us today!

  Your mini split ductless air conditioning/ heat pump unit will come with everything required to install the unit. However, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional HVAC installer to do the work. 

   Although ductless air conditioning options are much more simple, and far less messy, when it comes to installation than centralized air conditioning, it is still more complex than a stand-alone window unit you can pick up from Target, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot.  Even if it seems like a simple set-up, pressure gauges must be set properly for the unit to function.  It also involves electrical, gas, and refrigerant connections that are tricky and often government regulated.  Although many mini-split retailers may sell and advertise the units as a quick install or plug-and-play it is important to recognize that no matter how complete the manual may be, the installation of a ductless air conditioner is a very precise process. There are important steps which are more difficult, or require specialty tools which can not be skipped in order for the unit to function properly.  Also, there is no guarantee that you do not have a defective unit.  So, a homeowner may decide to skip a step, such as testing the copper lines, only to neglect a small leak which will cause the unit to eventually stop working, or show an error code, and cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Many homeowners that consider themselves handy, self-install ductless air conditioning units only to run into issues months later and not have the knowledge or tools to resolve the issue.  Besides, you would not want to void the warranty on your brand new ductless mini split system on the first day by doing something improperly!  For the well-trained air conditioning professional installation of a ductless mini split air conditioner is simple and quick. They should have you sitting in comfort in a matter of hours.

   If you are handy and are determined to take on a portion of the installation on your own, you can do a portion of the work as long as you hire an air conditioning professional to complete the more advanced and sensitive procedures involving the gas, refrigerant, and electrical connections. You can un-package and remove your new equipment.  You can carefully hang your indoor unit if you prefer (but, again, be VERY CAREFUL! The last thing you would want is for it to accidentally fall, only to null your warranty!), and place the outside condensing unit on a concrete pad or flat surface.  If you are confident about your installation configuration and location, you can drill the 3” hole required in the exterior facing wall and carefully run the copper lines and connections through to the outside. If you plan on installing your mini split air conditioner/heat pump on a non exterior wall you will need some additional equipment to help move the condensation from the drain pan to outside. Your HVAC installer will let you know if this is needed and should be able install it in your indoor unit when they come to install your system.  Taking these steps may minimize the cost of HVAC pros, which typically charge by the hour. 

   Your HVAC installer will then come and do the “technical” work:  vacuuming the lines, setting the gauges, releasing the refrigerant, and test for leaks. Although more complex than a window unit, ductless mini split airconditioners are relatively quick to install. (You may be able to save even more time with a Ramsond mini split, which comes equipped with a “Quick-Install” system which claims to expedite the process.)Within a couple of hours, your ductless air conditioning mini split system will be up and running.  You can then adjust your settings, enjoy your new mini split, and invite over some company to enjoy your cool, comfortable home!

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