Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning is the most popular form of air conditioning in the world. This is the type of system used in places with high population, and need the most efficient units to concerve energy. New to the USA market, their popularity is growing exponentially. 

Allot of people chose to add this style of air conditioning system to their new room addition or sunroom, instead of upgrading their central system. Supplimenting the central system witha mini split will come to the rescue of your central unit ac by telling it to stop running in overdrive trying to cool and condition that space, and return to a more economical “maintenance” mode of air conditioning.  

With units such as Midea and Daikin reaching 40 SEER , this is an extremey efficient and environmentally friendly option. In addition to the economic benefits of alower power bill, there are often tax exemptions and rebates associated with upgrading to these highly efficient air conditioning units.
So, these types of air conditioning systems are a very energy efficient option. Not only do they save energy in situations when the central air just isn't enough, the units themselves are more efficient than even the most flawlessly performing central ac unit, because there are no ducts involved. In a ducted air conditioning system, a certain amount of energy is lost just to force the cool air through the ducts, and into the space where you want it.  This loss of energy accounts for over 30% of the total energy consumed to cool the space.
Sometimes, only a small room or space requires air conditioning. Perhaps you have added addition or bonus room which does not connect to your central duct work. Maybe a sunroom that just gets a little too warm for your comfort.  Air Conditioning systems and heat pumps are a great solution for that home office that needs a little extra circulation, or that small studio you are renting in an historic building with no central ac. So, you are using only the power you need to meet your air conditioning needs.  Furthermore, the split ac units themselves are far more efficient than the window units of the past, most popular models are energy Star Rated. 

Air Conditioning systems and heat pumps cool and heat more space per BTU (British Thermal Unit per hour) than portable or window unit air conditioning systems.  Makers such as Daikin and Midea Carrier are producing climate control products that are on the forefront of technology, providing more efficient air conditioning products that work even more reliably.  Cooper Hunter, Chigo and other manufacturers offer a range of products and options which can be packaged to provide you with the most efficient outcome for your particular circumstances.
The fact that these air conditioning systems offer more user control than other systems has advantages beyond that of the energy efficiency.  On the one hand, there is the advantage of designing a system that is created exactly to suit your needs.  The units we offer come in variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities. You can create a system that consumes very little power, and cools just that tricky sunroom or server room.  Or, you can use a multi zone unit to cool up to 5 spaces (it allows various units to function off of one inverter, up to 48,000 BTUH.  So, you could potentially run four or five 9,000 BTU units, cooling individual rooms or zones, or two 18,000 BTUH units,etc.). Manufacturers are currently producing air conditioning units that are wall mounted, free standing, and mountable into a drop ceiling. 

So there is a lot of flexibility in what, how, and where you choose to install.  They also offer control in a more tactile sense.  Some air conditioning units offer avariety of modes including cooling, dehumidify only, heating, air circulation, turbo, and timers.  Many ductless air conditioning units feature  advanced air purifying methods, such as ionization and carbon filters which eliminate the need for theair purifiers and whatnot we have come to believe necessary for a happy, healthy home.  The level of control these air conditioning units allow is unlike that of any central ac system, in that each individual unit can be set to condition the air as it is needed for the space it is designated to.


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