Ductless Heat-Pump

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Ductless Heat-pump
 is the fifth most searched for term on the web. Ductless heat pumps are becoming more and more popular today in the US market. As more people add onto their homes like : Garages, Sun rooms, Grow Rooms, and Room Additions they find that ductless systems are a much more affordable route as opposed to upgrading their existing central systems.  

   Another important element to consider when choosing your mini split ductless air conditioner is how and where it will be installed.  One of the great advantages that mini split AC's have over other ductless air units is the flexibility they offer in design and installation.  Because there is only a small, low-profile air handler invading your space, you can choose something minimalistic that won't assault your interior sensibilities.  You may like the Lennox air handler, a horizontal design that may be mounted up high on a wall;  or if you have a drop ceiling, Mitsubishi offers a cassette style handler that can be concealed, for the most part, in the ceiling.  There are also floor/ceiling designs so, look around!  Ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so, whatever your space requires, there is bound to be a sleek and stylish option for your zone. 

  There are also additional features that you might like to include with your mini split air conditioner.  Many manufacturers offer models that have additional air filtration systems which are either included or supplemented into your mini split air handler.  Carbon filters, ionizing dust and particle filters and more can further improve the air quality in the area your minisplit ductless air conditioner and heat pump will service. This may be an important feature for you to consider if you have children or other family members in your home who tend to suffer from allergies, or are sensitive to dust and particles.  Some manufactures even offer replaceable filters which freshen up your space. There are even filters in development that supplement the air with Vitamin C to help the tone of your skin and strengthen your immune system!

     Now that you've narrowed down what your requirements are for your ductless air conditioner and ductless heat pump, you should start considering the various designs manufactures are making in their current models of ductless air handlers.  You will probably be pleasantly surprised at the sleek, stylish, and hi-tech-looking designs of modern mini split units.  They are generally quite compact, with a low profile (around 7”) and come in a variety of inconspicuous designs that will blend easily into your home or office décor.  They also come with a variety of installation options!  The bulk of some ductless ACs can actually be concealed within a drop ceiling.  Others, such as the Lennox mini split can be mounted on a higher part of the wall, becoming almost undetectable.  Still, there are standing mini split units that can be tucked away in an inconspicuous area on the floor.  Try to find a design that appeals to your aesthetic and won't interfere with other elements you have added to your home or any other space.   A compact and streamline design is the best thing about ductless air conditioning. An ideal and air conditioning system application is the illusion that it isn't there!  You and your guests will walk into your home,and feel at ease immediately. A silent, invisible, good vibe of comfort and healthy breathing is ideal for any home or business.

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