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 The overall space you will need to cool and/or heat will give you an idea of the mini split unit/s you will need to achieve the results you desire. Ductless air conditioners generally come in variations of these capacities, from 9,000 to 36,000 BTU (or BTUH). You will then need to consider the type of space you wish to heat or cool. Is this room well insulated? Does it have a lot of windows, or none at all?  Is it one large area, such as a banquet room?  Or several smaller bedrooms or offices? Maybe you have a larger great room, as well as a smaller area that will need its own air handler.  There are a variety of configurations to choose from which will allow you to keep all of the space as comfortable as you would like.

            For example, there are ductless air conditioning and heat pump compressors which are equipped to handle multiple mini split air handlers.  One example is the Inverter flex multi-zone mini-split by Comfort-Aire.  This outdoor condenser/compressor is compatible with up to four individual air handlers, up to a total capacity of 36,000 BTUH.  So, if you had four small rooms in which you wanted to install ductless mini split ac, you could potentially designate one 9,000 BTUH mini split air handler unit to each of the rooms you wish to heat or cool.  Or, two medium spaces (up to 750square feet per room) could be serviced by two larger capacity mini splits, 18,000BTUH units.  The Comfort-Air Inverter flex ductless air conditioning system is ideal for various combinations of zones, or spaces.  What's best – each individual air handler has its own unique settings, so one space that may need more air conditioning or heating will receive the extra power it needs, without a needless waste of power on the other unit, which is only in charge of managing the other space.  This key feature of mini split units also comes in handy when you've got two individuals who have different preferences altogether.  We all know that some of us sleep warmer than others, so this feature resolves the issue of fighting over what temperature to set the thermostat at. (Or at least for those who sleep in different rooms!)

            You will also need to consider whether or not you will need to supplement your mini split airconditioner with a ductless heat pump. Many units come with the option of cooling and dehumidifying only, or cooling, dehumidifying, and ductless heating. Perhaps you live in the south, like me, and after a mild winter you are mostly concerned with cooling off your home with ductless ac during those hot summer months that never fail to come around. However, we can always be sure that at some point, a harsh winter will have us bundling up.  Contrary to what some may believe,  every household in southern Appalachia does NOT come equipped with a wood burning stove, or even a fireplace...and boy, does it get cold! And yes, it definitely does snow out west in the deserts of west Texas and New Mexico.  So if you do not utilize heating very often, a mini split heat pump (such as the Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump) is probably a sound investment that will pay off.  Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it, when it comes to staying cozy and warm!


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