Gree Mini Splits

What are Gree Mini Splits?

Gree is a large Chinese appliance manufacture headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong. They produce many household appliances including air conditioners. We're going to take a look at some of there products.

What types of Gree air conditioners are there?

Gree makes many different styles of air conditioners in residential and commercial. For the residential market they make several different styles including standing units, window units, and mini splits. A lot of these products are not readily available here but if your looking for something comparable to these products take a look at what we have to offer. Midea is a major competitor to Gree HVAC and between their systems and Klimaires systems which also come from Midea we have something to match anything you may be interested from them but might not be able to get your hands on or want to pay as much for.

Will we carry Gree AC systems any time soon?

If we see people wanting these products from us we can look into possibly supplying them. As of now we haven't heard much from our customers about them and they do not currently have anything that we do not already offer, but if you would like to see these in addition to our current offerings please shoot us a message.

Want something comparable to a Gree ptac unit?

Here at the mini split warehouse we also carry ptac units. Our YMGI ptac units are high quality and at a great price! Also many scenarios where a ptac is useful a mini split can also be used just as well if not better. Mini splits are quieter than ptac units because the compressor is located away from the indoor blower instead of being packaged into one large and noisy unit. If your worried about space the compressor to a mini split can be mounted up high on a wall or roof top essentially taking up less space than a ptac because the compressor and air handler will both be up out of the way. 

Looking for environmentally friendly green mini splits for your home?

Our systems are green and highly efficient. They will save you money and protect our environment all at the same time. Our systems are reliable and have proven them selves over the years. If your looking for something thats high quality that wont cost you a fortune look no further than us!

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