Home-Depot Mini Split

Home Depot Mini Split

The systems provided by the superstore are marked up substantially. We offer systems that are more affordable, and made by the same factory with the same parts and warranties. If you are considering getting a split system please search our site first. Home Depot has even contacted us in the past wondering if they could purchase our systems for some of their customers.

Air Conditioning Units Home Depot

The units provided at the depot are often marked up 50-60%, as you know with most major stores, they have tons of overhead and they will pass this along to their consumers. Customers who shop around to find the best deals often save hundreds if not thousands off the major store prices. 

Home Depot Portable Air Conditioning Units

These portable systems are great for temporary usage however, continuous use will often cause major issues with your power bill. We offer these portable units, but we would prefer our customers focus on energy savings instead of convenience. Although mini splits are more expensive than a portable or window unit the energy savings will outweigh the cost in just a couple of months.

Home Depot Ac Units

Air conditioner units provided by a superstore like the depot are the same quality as you would find from us, we just sell it at a lower price. Research has proven that all ac systems on the market today are made by 3 major manufacturers. Even though the brands change, the product remains the same. Consider some of our systems before you spend more than what you need to. We even offer to pre-wire your indoor unit for you. Does Home Depot do that? We don't think so.
Home Depot Central Air
Finding the best price for a central system can be a hassle. We have already searched the web and found the best possible deals on central ducted systems. Klimaire is currently made by the same makers of Carrier, so you get the same quality at a more affordable price tag. 

Home Depot Room Air Conditioners
Room ac units are designed to be set into one space often used in extra areas of the house that aren't frequently occupied. Some systems are more efficient than others but we find that split systems are the leader in efficiency. 

Lowes Mini Split 
Some major retailers have jumped on the bandwagon with the ductless systems, Lowes & Home Depot to name a few. We have been in the industry since the beginning, we have educated consumers and installers for years. These major retailers had requested many times to sell our products in their stores at an incredible profit margin. We declined their offer, as we are in the business to save people money, not have them pay more. 

Home Depot Mini Split Air Conditioner units are just as good as ours, but we will save you money! We can even offer the same expertise for installation.

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