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One of the great energy-savers which make mini split air conditioners such an energy efficient option is the state-of-the-art inverter technology included in most units. Ductless air conditioners built by Mitsubishi, Lennox, Comfort-Aire, Ramsond, and many other producers of ductless ac incorporate inverters today.  The inverter is the mechanism inside your ductless air conditioner that regulates the compressor speed, in order to provide your desired settings throughout the day.  Many mini split units now utilize the most cutting edge inverter technologies which provide additional energy-saving efficiency.  The inverter of Panasonic's ductless ac, for example, is claimed to cool the room initially to the desired temperature, around one and one half times as fast as a traditional unit.  With this unit, not only are you in comfort sooner, your mini split will get you there more efficiently than a window unit(which may take hours.)  While a window unit may take so much longer, aggressively cooling enough air to cool the zone,the ductless mini split will be comfortably functioning at a low (and more energy efficient) speed, simply maintaining the comfort it quickly created.  Not to mention, doing so more quietly, efficiently, and without obstructing a window view.

            Ductless ac units which utilize inverter technology are designed to switch between various modes.  Most are equipped to run on turbo, with the compressor running at high RPMS, to get the room to the desired conditions, and slower RPM “maintenance” modes, which maintain the desired conditions without as much effort.  For example, on a hot day in mid-August, your mini split may need to be running at top RPMs to maintain a breezy and comfortable indoor climate, for a short time when the temperature rises.  However,once your desired temperature is reached, the inverter will tell the compressor to go into a low RPM or “economy mode,” in order to maintain your comfortable temperature around the clock, with the least amount of energy expense.  Or you may have set a timer on the ductless split in your office to cool for your 8 hour day.  So, when your workday approaches, the compressor of the mini split will ramp up to get the room how you like it, maintaining it throughout the day, and fading into a near-whisper in the evening hours.  The goal of the inverter is to move quickly and efficiently between these modes, in order to not waste power when it is not needed.  The inverter of many ductless air conditioners (such as the Lennox mini split) is designed so that the compressor never turns off, completely.  Although this may seem, at first thought, to be less “green” than a system that actually turns itself off but really, it is much more efficient to slowly ramp up the RPMs of the compressor as needed, than it is for an air system to cut on and off throughout the day from a dead stop. To put it simply, it is much easier, and less energy consuming, to move something already in motion than it is to move something at dead stop. The energy consumed by a compressor cutting on from being off is much more than that of a compressor that simply needs to ramp up to a higher RPM.

           So, the new inverter technology utilized by mini split ductless acs work to conserve energy in several ways.
By maintaining a very low speed, rather than completely halting the compressor, the compressor of the mini split is always ready to slowly and efficiently ramp up to meet demand, rather than wasting energy going from a dead stop to full function. By cooling to desired temperatures more quickly and efficiently, these split units can go into low-energy maintenance mode more quickly as well, eliminating wasteful and taxing hours of turbo speed compression which also saves on energy.  Equipped with inverter technology, the compressor of the ductless air conditioner simply ramps up or slows down, maintaining energy conservation throughout the day. Mini split ductless air system maintain this high level of efficiency all around, providing the functionality you expect at the lowest possible energy usage.   In these ways, modern, green inverter technology can cut the cumulative energy usage of your airconditioning by up to 50 percent! That can add up to some major savings on your energy bill every year. 

            The inverter technology of mini split air units helps you stay green by only using the amount of power that you need, and using it in the most efficient way possible! 

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