LG Mini Split AC

Cost vs Quality LG Mini Split AC units.

LG makes good mini splits but at a cost the average person either cant afford or would rather not spend if they don't have to. If you looking for something you can actually afford that still holds up great look no further!

Why do LG mini split air conditioner systems cost so much more?

Large companies like LG spend large amounts of money on advertising and show rooms. While this helps make their products more popular it also drives up the prices of their products. If they put half the money they spend on advertising into improving their products they would have a reason to charge so much, but the truth is you are paying extra just for them to be able to advertise to you. We're not saying they make a poor product but there are many other companies out there that make just as good a product at a better price because they skip the advertising. For a more common example look at the bag cereal in the super market that almost everyone has seen or bought before. These cereals taste just as good if not better than the big name brands yet you get more for less money. The label on the bag tells you exactly what were telling you right now. They do waste money on advertising or fancy packaging to save you money. The products we carry here work the same way.

What about warranties on our systems vs an LG mini split system?

All our systems offer at least a one year parts and five year compressor warranty, and our Midea products actually offer a two year no hassle complete exchange. This is something you don't even get with LG so that should tell you something about the quality of our products. The manufactures stand behind them because they know they will last!

Looking for something comparable to an LG mini split heat pump?

Most of our products are heat pumps as well. If your looking for affordable heat that will continue to save you money over time take a look at our huge selection! If you have any questions feel free to call us and we will do our absolute best to answer them!

Conclusion on LG mini splits.

Now you know why these large brands cost so much more. We know that some people are going to choose a large name brand name no matter what we say but with the economy the way it is we hope that we can help those of you who just cant afford those crazy prices but still deserve a quality product.

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