Mini Split Heater

Looking For a Mini Split Heater?

Here at Mini Split Warehouse most of our air conditioners double as heat pumps. Heat pumps reverse the flow of the refrigerant so that the unit creates heat instead of cooling. Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular now days not just on mini splits but many lager units are beginning to offer this feature as well due to its efficiency.

The benefits of mini split heater ductless systems.

So why a mini split heat pump? Burning fuel to create heat is expensive, and electric heat strips use large amounts of electricity which is also expensive. With a heat pump you will save energy and this will save you money. Heat pumps are also safer because there's no dangerous fuel to worry about like with a furnace, and those electric heat strips get red hot when in use and there's a higher risk of fires. As a kid i always remember the bad smell we would get the first time we turned the heat on for winter. That smell was the dust burning off the heating element. In addition to this you will get all the rest of the benefits to having a mini split such as only heating the rooms you need which saves even more energy and better filtering of the air. Now you may know that as the temperatures get below freezing a heat pump may need help keeping up. some wonder why use a heat pump if you need a backup source in the first place? Well consider this, we sell a large portion of our heat pumps to Canada. The reason is many months out of the year its cold but not freezing and they want heat but to burn fuel all this time would cost a fortune. Also even during the colder months, if the sun is out the temperatures are not as bad... so by using the heat pump 80 or 90 percent of the time and only switching to back up on the cold nights they save a fortune and can stay comfortable year long. Also many people already have an older style heat source, so if you happen to live where it gets this cold your not buying a mini split and backup heat, your simply buying a new mini split that will save you money and using your current form of heat as the backup.

Are mini split heater btu the same as cooling btu?

Well yes and no. Without getting to technical on how btu is actually calculated and how to determine how many btu's you will need, the easiest way to look at it is the higher the btu the more area your system can heat or cool. Now when you buy a unit you may notice it might have a higher cooling capacity than heating, or vise-versa, this is not because you need less btu to cool than heat, its simply because part of the equation has to do with the temperature OUT SIDE. Now if your buying a unit in Canada its safe to say you will need more heating ability than cooling because it wont get as hot, some areas dont even need AC. Where as in Florida or Texas you are going to need a high btu AC unit and only need a little heat a few nights out of the year when you get a good cold front. So dont be confused when you see different level btus on the same unit for the same sq ft area. Its not because the measurement is different, its because the climate the unit is in it may need more of one over the other. 

What does a Mini Split Heat Pump Installation Cost

Most of our units come with heat pumps. There is absolutely no more work involved in putting in a heat pump mini split vs one without a heat pump. Some times you will notice the heat pump models are cheaper than the same unit that is cool only. That is because we sell more units with heat pumps than without so occasionally we get them for a better price. Now we could price them for more and you would never know but here at Mini Split Warehouse we use honesty and great prices to ensure our customers want to keep coming back. If you would like a little more information on installing a mini split heat pump refer to our Installing a Mini Split Air Conditioner page. All of the information there will pertain to heat pump models as well.

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