Mini Split Heating and Cooling

Why Choose Mini Split Heating and Cooling?

Looking to replace your current form of cooling or heating? There are quite a few options out there but were going to tell you why we feel our products are the best choice out there. Whether your current system needs to be replaced or not you can't go wrong with a Mini Split for your AC heating and cooling!
We have lots of different brands and styles to choose from. Check out our categories to see all our different options!

Benefits of ductless heating and cooling systems.

Ductless systems have many huge advantages over say central AC. The first most obvious advantage is in the name. Ductless AC systems do not rely on duct work to distribute your air. This alone has many advantages, no wasted energy traveling through the ducts, no maintenance or install fees on the ducts, and each room gets its own air handler and filter for much cleaner air just to name a few. Another big advantage of Mini Splits is that with each room having an air handler you can set an exact temperature in every room. This saves energy over central systems because if you spend most of your time in one room you can save energy on the rooms you don't use as often. These systems are also more comfortable, no house is the same temperature in every room so if one room catches more sun than another the only way to cool it down is to cool the whole house, either someone is hot in that room or everywhere else in the house is freezing. This is not an issue with mini splits as they will individually control each zone. Another great advantage is say you add an addition to your home and you are either satisfied with your current central air and don't want to replace the entire unit for one room, or you already have mini splits in the rest of the house. All you need to do is add a mini split to the new room, this is cheaper than replacing a large central air unit and no need to tear into the duct work if that's what your currently using.

Can you have one unit with heat pump heating and cooling?

Of-course, you can handle your cooling and heating needs with this one style system. This saves energy over expensive gas or resistive heating and no need to manage two types of systems to get through the whole year. You can run a single zone split system for each room that will each be separate from one another, this is safer and redundant because say something damages one of the systems in cold weather? You will still have plenty of heating to fall back on. Or if you want more space and less parts go with a multi-zone. With a multi-zone you only need one compressor and it is designed to handle each air handler for every room in your home. This will save you space and energy and still be safer than running a central air system with only one air handler to possibly fail and leave you stranded.

How much can a 1 ton mini split handle?

You can heat or cool roughly 300-500+ square feet with a one ton mini split. We even carry smaller 9,000 btu or 3/4 ton units for rooms under 300 sq ft. another common use for mini splits would be a large garage, work shop, or even a restaurant. You can cool or heat up to 1,200 sq ft with a 2 ton 24,000 btu unit, and we have them even larger than that!

Advantages over a portable heating and cooling unit.

If your thinking of getting a portable unit because you don't want to block your window but you don't necessarily need to move the unit around then a mini split would be great for you! Mini splits mount on or in the walls and ceilings depending on the model you choose. Your window will be completely free to use or safely lock and since a mini splits have the compressor outside versus attached like a portable or window unit, they run much quieter. They look better too! 

Who has the best split systems for sale?

Mini splits are not nearly as popular in North America as they are in the rest of the world. Because of this many people don't know which brands are good and which are bad. Most don't sound familiar and the few names that do sound familiar cost a fortune! Those big companies think they can charge you so much because they know you probably don't know about their competition. The truth is many of the more affordable brands have been making and selling mini splits longer than the big guys have been here! The trouble is finding out who has been making great products for years and who is new making a cheap knock off. All our systems have proven to be reliable and dependable. We wouldn't sell them if they weren't.

We are constantly checking mini split heating and cooling reviews.

We're always checking on reviews and doing reviews our selves to ensure our customers are getting the best products possible. We do our best to make sure problematic products don't get to you through us. On top of that all our products come with warranties so that should there ever be a problem you will be taken good care of!

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