Mini Split System Installation

Need Help With a Mini Split System Installation?

Here at Mini Split Warehouse we can help you with all your Mini Split needs. We carry high quality units and we are now offering installation to our customers as well. Many people try to get by without an installer at all and while there are some parts of the installation process that the customer can perform to save money, in the end you will need a licensed HVAC technician to complete the process and open up the charge on the system. This is not just for your own safety but to validate your warranty as well.

We offer installation on your mini split air conditioning system.

Here at Mini Split Warehouse we are now offering installation to our customers. We handle the process for you. We have developed a network of licensed HVAC technicians and rest assured we choose only the best contractors with the best service and feedback. If for some reason we do not already have a contractor in your area, we will locate one and verify their license and credibility before they install your products. If you are worried about problems trying to install your self then this is the way to go. We will make sure you product is installed properly to give you years of quality service!

Save money when you purchase our mini split air conditioning units.

Another thing to note when you choose to have your install done through us is that you will save 3% on your purchase. You will pay for the install with a check and because of this we will not have credit fees. instead of just charging you the same regardless we choose to pass these savings on to you!

What can you do to save money installing a Mini Split HVAC?

If you need to save as much as possible on your installation and you have good hands on experience then you may be able to do some things that will save you money getting your mini split put in. The most common set up for a mini split is going to be a wall mounted indoor unit mounted on an exterior wall. With this type of install most of the steps are fairly simple and you can do these ahead of time to save labor cost getting your unit installed. You can drill the three inch hole for the pipes and and wires then mount your indoor unit. Keep in mind there are wires ran in the walls and depending on the materials used you will use different techniques to make the hole. Choose where you want your compressor to be outside within the length your line set can reach. Follow local code and run power to the compressor. If you can do this you can connect the wires from the indoor unit to the out door unit as well. now all that needs to be done is connect the copper lines. after this is done a licensed HVAC tech will need to vacuum the line sets down and check for leaks. If there are no leaks and everything else with your install looks good they will open up the charge on the system and adjust the pressures if need be. Now you will be all set and this person can sign off on your warranty paperwork for you. Every install is different and depending on the model you may have more or less steps. Make sure you follow the manufactures instructions for your own safety and so you do not damage your unit and throw your money down the toilet.

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