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Mini-Split Systems

"Affordable mini-split air conditioners and mini-split heat pumps" are great solutions in cases where duct work is not practically or economically feasible.  The sleek, low profile design of modern air conditioning units make them a good aesthetic choice for your home or office, while the mini-split also conserves power and lowers energy costs.  A ductless heat pump and air conditioners conserves the energy lost pushing cooled and heated air through the ducts.  If you are looking for greater efficiency and versatility, a split air conditioner or mini-split air conditioner may be just what you need. 

Mini-Split AirConditioning Systems

We all love air conditioning.  Its an under appreciated and often forgotten part of our daily life.  At home, work, and out in public spaces, we have become accustomed to escaping a muggy, hot day or a bitter winter night by simply going indoors to central air or spaces cooled or heated by air conditioners.  They keep us working productively through the hot summer months, and enjoying the holidays on (what we have come to consider) cozy winter evenings. Many of us live in modern homes with centralized air and heating, and often take the comfortable environment and consistent temperature for granted.   We may move from Maine to Florida, without expecting much about our daily life to change. We may spend August moving briefly from an air conditioned vehicle to take refuge in a cool,crisp living room.   It is appliance we have become accustomed to, depend on, and (until we have a problem) often forget about.  But there are cases where it is just time for an upgrade to a ductless air conditioner, a more efficient option, supplement with a mini-split in a problem area, or simply install a split air system in as pace that currently has no cooling, heating, or humidity control.              

Mini-Split Heat Pump Units

One example of where a mini split may come to there scue is in those spaces where central ac is just not possible.  Many historic homes fall into this category, and alternatives to the mini-split air conditioners and mini-split heat pump, such as traditional window units just don't cut it.  Let's face it, you don't want the face of your lovely, freshly painted Victorian home blighted by multiple boxy, loud,and outdated (and not in the classy way!) window units that will possibly drip condensation down and ruin your woodwork. No way!  And even if our home is not necessarily a contender for This Old House, it is still our sanctuary from the world, and no one enjoys cleaning insects and cobwebs from a nasty old window unit.  It is definitely not the most visually appealing air conditioner.  It is disheartening to lose a centrally located or rare window to these noisy metal boxes.  Some of us know that some of the best (and often, best priced) real estate may come with a huge disadvantage:  no central air.   Even if retrofitting duct work for centralized ac is possible, it may turn out to be a tricky,   costly, and visually unattractive option.  Realtors and landlords alike may wince a little bit when breaking this news about an otherwise desirable home.  But with the simple installation of a mini-split air conditioner, this tricky disadvantage can be an issue of the past.  We can get rid of those loud and dripping window units in favor of a more quiet, more efficient, and much more aesthetically pleasing air conditioning option, a mini-split air conditioner and mini-split heat pumps.  We can purchase that great fixer-upper we found in an historic neighborhood, with plans to install a air conditioner, without wondering how we will not melt plowing away at the  during the summer months.  Or rest assured that we will stay warm in that cute bungalow equipped with  a ductless heat pumps.  And that lucky realtor or landlord can finally show that beautiful, renovated, and most of all COMFORTABLE space to a buyer as they actually imagine themselves living in that fresh, air-conditioned space.

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