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Mini-Split Air Conditioner Systems are available at the lowest prices. is the second most searched for term on the web, and we have many for you to choose from. Also, related search terms are: mitsubishi mini split air conditioner, home depot mini split air conditioner, mini split air conditioner reviews, sears mini split air conditioner, carrier mini split air conditioner, lg mini split air conditioner, fujitsu mini split air conditioner, amazon mini split air conditioner

Mini split acs com in a variety of designs and installation options.  Manufacturers of ductless airconditioning produce units that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, models that can be concealed in a drop ceiling, as well as floor units.  The indoor portion of the  mini split air conditioners have only (on average) a 7” profile, and often are covered in a jacket which is sleek anddiscreet.  The installation (which must be done by a professional) is also relatively simple, and discreet, for both the mini split air conditioner and the mini split heat pump, with only a 3” hole necessary to transfer all necessary components to the compressor outside.  The conduit contains the outdoor compressor/condenser, which may be servicing one, or several mini split airconditioning units, can be installed as far as 50 feet from the internalunit.  Although it may not seem as“plug-and play” as a simple window unit, installation only takes a fewhours.  So, rather than a large, loud, obnoxious appliance interrupting your interior design, what you end up with is a discreet, whisper quiet, ductless air conditioning unit which you will barelynotice in your home.  No more windowunits which obstruct a window, often leak on your home, and then need to be replaced a few years later.  Unlike often leaky and inefficient ducted ac, you have another permanent installation option which will blend in better, and work more efficiently and more quietly.  Ductless mini split air conditioners andductless mini split heat pumps!

            Or perhaps it isn't your primary home that is the problem. You live in a comfortable new-built suburb where the ductwork is hidden and the fact that you even HAVE central air is something you've almost completely forgotten about.  Until you bought that vacation home in a tropical you are starting to appreciate what a huge part of your life that hidden appliance has come tobe!  You just can't escape.  If you are adventurous enough to have moved completely off-grid, you are dunking in the stream and fanning each other withbanana leaves in shifts, and far too busy to be researching mini splits or ductless air conditioning solutions online. However, perhaps you are not quite that adventurous; you have power,but, still... the ceiling fans and rickety old window units just feel like theyare blowing the heat and humidity ON you. You are in desperate need for a ductless air conditioning solution!  This is supposed to be your getaway,retirement, or retreat, but it just feels like a sauna when you are indoors.  A mini split ductless ac unit is a far better solution than searching for a retreat from your retreat!  You can have all of the comforts you have grown to expect of your indoor space (provided you have electricity) in your tropical getaway with a simple mini split installation, and you can get back to learning to surf!

            Ductless mini split air conditioning units can also come to your rescue, economically.  Ductless mini split acs and het pumps actually cool and heat more area than ducted systems OR “plug and play” window units.  Central airconditioners, in their very design and principle, are less efficient than ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps.  You may be spending money (and wasting energy) cooling and/or heating spaces that don't really need it.  Depending on the location of your thermostat,your compressor may be running hot when you simply do not need it to be.  For example, as heat rises, you may have a top floor or a finished attic which collects a lot of heat.  This area may be in a warm exposed location,or be in need of an exhaust fan;  however the system may continue running and taxing itself trying to cool and condition this space.  Have you ever  been in a home with central air where the downstair was as cool as an icebox while the upstairs remained warm and stagnant?

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