Mini Split Heat Pump

Mini Split Heat Pump is an increadibly efficient for of heating available here at the warehouse. These systems are capable of heating and cooling much more efficiently than any other form of system. Ease of installation is another feature of heat pump unit that makes them a superb choice. So no expensive, unsightly ductwork which can be tricky to maintain or clean. No more professional cleaning of your ducts!  A simple connection of the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain. Because only a 3” hole is required to allow for the conduit, which is all that is needed to attach the indoor unit to the outdoor heat pump condenser/compressor, installation of the heat pump does not require any large cuts or mangling to your wall or interior. The flexibility of conduit length can situate the compressor as far as 50 feet away from the indoor unit. Not only does this type of installation allow for more flexibility, but it also minimizes the amount of construction damage to your home's interior, as well as the noise associated with central heat pump and other heat pump options.

Heat Pump systems are a fantastic, hi-tech solution for a variety of reasons. They give us the quality comfort that we have come to expect and desire from our indoor spaces, meeting this challenge even in unexpected places. As a supplement to central air conditioning, or on their own, they are both a money saving and environmentally friendly choice. In spaces where it is not practically or economically feasible to install ducts, these heat pump units exceed expectations while remaining sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The amount of control the consumer has with a heat pump, both in its installation and use offers advantages over many of the older centralized and window mounted air conditioning units. Ductless Heat Pumps remain on the forefront of technology; from their compact size, sleek designs to extraordinary energy efficiency and air quality features. These types of heat pumps are literally, a breath of fresh air!

So, now that you've decided that one of our heat pump air conditioner units is the way to go, how do you decide which unit to buy and install?  There is an incredible diversity of products on the market of this hi-tech heat pump system. Many manufacturers, each with various capacities, designs, energy any appliance these days, with technology and innovation moving at such a pace, if you haven't shopped around in a while the choices can be OVERWHELMING! Heat pump systems are no exception. However, if you thoughtfully asses your air conditioning needs, preferences, and budget, the diversity and versatility of heat pump systems can work to your advantage. Choosing the right heat pump for your home or office will prove itself a cost effective and energy efficient way to give you bring you the comfort you deserve.

It is important to determine how big of a heat pump air conditioner your space requires.  Do you have an entire house that you need to heat and cool, or just one room?  What is the actual square footage of the area?  Do you have a larger space, such as a banquet hall, lobby, or studio that requires mini split heat pump air conditioners?  You will need approximately 25 BTU (British Thermal Units, per hour) per square foot of space. 

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