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Below is our review of Mirage Air Conditioners and Mini Splits, a Mexican Brand- 

Mirage, currently "HVAC Mirage" http://www.hvacmirage.us  was previously known as "Mirage Appliances Inc" www.mirageusair.com

Why this company would change its legal name, and web address could be due to their deceptive trade practices we discuss below. 

2010-2011- We were approached by Mirage off of an Ebay listing we had for another brand. They offered to drop-ship their product into the USA from Mexico, using UPS. The problem at the time, was that their product was charged with R22 Freon, which had been banned from the USA. We declined offering their brand due to this deceptive business practice, we feel that our customers should receive the newest freon in there system as per federal law. 

2011-2012- We were contacted yet again, and they informed us that they now have a USA location, however upon review of the models they were offering, it seemed they were still trying to sell R22 charged systems here in the USA. We declined selling their brand yet again. 

2014-2015- They contacted us to inform us that their systems now have R410a freon, we asked for them to please send us pricing and information on the products. Upon review of the manuals, we noticed that all of their documents were still in spanish, making sales in the USA a difficult matter- besides this, their pricing was far too high to compete with already solid American private labels on the market. 

The brand was produced by a factory called GREE (Now by Midea, as per public import records), who creates a lot of private labeled brands on the market today like Ymgi, AirCon, Cooper & Hunter, etc. See below for import records proving that they did/do in fact have systems produced by Gree (Under their previous name) and Midea (Under their current name). We sell the Midea brand here at Minisplitwarehouse, as they offer superior warranty and support. 



People have called us many times in the past trying to get support on the Mirage brand, often complaining that the manuals are not in english. Consumers go on further to complain that the factory warranty is not being honored by Mirage, and how they cannot seem to get any Mirage reps on the phone to resolve their issues with the products or getting parts.

We do not offer this brand due to the incredibly high price they offer to us as a wholesaler, and the poor support and customer service reported by consumers(which we have in emails on file). 

Since we have declined to sell their items due to their previous deceptive business practices (R22 to the USA from Mexico, even though it wasn't legal to do so), they have since then made defamation threats to us about the information we provided to consumers here on this page. Primarily indicating that GREE never produced their brand in a most recent email from 9/26/2017. 

We have many other higher quality brands that are much more affordable with a much better technical support and warranty department. Please consider the brands we offer, as you will be far happier with our brands. 

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