Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Mini Split

Alternative to a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Mini Split

So you talk to an installer and they tell you Mitsubishi is the only way to go. "Don't mess with those cheaper brands, its all crap" he says. Then he offers to sell you a Mitsubishi for two or three times the price of the units you see here... Seems a bit fishy eh? Well of course he's going to tell you these are crap because he's making more off of you in profit than you would spend buying a whole new system from us! The problem with the units we sell is none of the big guys can touch the prices they're at. So the only way they can sell there products is by claiming there's something wrong with ours. Truth is there's nothing wrong with these products. Our customers are always happy with there purchases and always come back.

Is there a problem with buying a Mitsubishi mini split?

No... That is assuming you don't mind paying a lot more. Our brands have proven to be reliable and durable. They are made with Japanese parts and built to the highest quality standards. Many times we get customers after their previous unit lasted them 10-15 years. Everything we carry has been proven to last and you can be certain that if there's ever a brand or model that tends to have issues we will not carry there product.

We also carry units comparable to Mitsubishi wall units

We also carry a selection of high quality wall and window units. Like everything we sell these are built to last and you can feel good saving money on your purchase as well as your electric bill each month!

Want something as efficient as a Mitsubishi 21 seer mini split?

We also carry High seer units like AirCon and YMGI 22 seer splits! You don't have to buy from a big name brand company to get something that's going to be energy efficient and that's going to last long. Our high seer models can cost less then some of those big brands more basic units. So you'll pay just as much to get a basic unit then the extra you will spend in electricity over the years will cost you more and more. Save money now and then continue to save as the years go by.

So our final thoughts on buying a Mitsubishi home ac system.

We feel you can spend less money up front and save even more as the years go by and not have to compromise quality and reliability. Dont pay more than you have to listening to everyone thats just trying to take as much money from you as possible. We price our products as low as possible to help our customers with the hope they will keep coming back and tell there friends what a great experiance they had with us and the products we sell.

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