Quietside Mini Split

What is a Quietside mini split?

Quietside not only has there own mini splits but they also market Samsung mini splits as well. We have looked into them and while there prices are not bad they just don't meet our high quality standards. Now they do sell Samsung mini split units for those looking for something that's better quality but we choose not to carry them because we feel you can get an air conditioner that is just as nice for a much lower price tag. Instead of trying to convince customers into paying high prices for quality we focus our energy on finding quality products at affordable prices and neither of these products fit that description in our eyes.

Are Samsung ductless mini split units made by Quietside?

As far as we can tell no. Quietside just sells Samsung mini splits but the cost to buy one even before mark up is so much higher than what were looking for its safe to say we will not be carrying them any time soon. Our brands continue to show how reliable they are and our customers are always happy with there purchase. We hope that by saving you money and getting a high quality product in your home that you will spread the word and also come back to us for your future mini split needs.

Replace your old Fujitsu mini split with a unit from us!

You may also have or be looking for a Fujitsu mini split. Our air conditioners are more affordable and just as nice as a Fujitsu. With the economy the way it is more and more people are looking for something that isn't just good quality but affordable as well, we focus on this and work hard to get you a good product that doesn't cost a fortune.

Japanese made Sanyo mini split air conditioners.

For a while Japanese products seemed to have a better track record over a lot of other products manufactured in other countries so we looked into carrying some models made exclusively in Japan. The results? The units didn't show any real improvement over our existing products but we wanted to give our customers the option anyway so we listed them for sale. So few were sold that after a while the manufacture actually decided to quit producing them. Now days you can get great products from so many other countries besides Japan and we go out of our way to find them.

We're an affordable alternative to a Lennox mini split.

Lennox is not as big as some of the other brands I've mentioned but there is one area there big in and that's price. There systems can cost upwards of 50% more than ours and for what? They don't have any magic features that make them that much better than what we have and being a small company they don't spend nearly as much as the big guys but they charge an arm and a leg for there product. Now you have options and we can help!

Affordable Chigo mini split units.

Chigo is a leading enterprise in the AC industry of China and is available in more than 160 countries and regions of the world. Chigo is well-known for its most integrated supply chain by shareholding many companies for components, such as sheet metal , copper piping and valves, plastic injection, coating, packing materials, fan motors, heating exchanger and so on. This allows them to lower cost without sacrificing quality. Many of our products are actually made by Chigo. This is one of the ways we offer great quality products at a more affordable cost.

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