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This type of excess energy consumption and waste is eliminated with the installation and use of mini split air conditioning units.  Each mini split ductless air handler is equipped with its own individual thermostat, which measures only in its individual zone. So, the air temperature and humidity that is being measured is accurate for the space the ductless air conditioner or ductless heat pump is designated to service.  This way, there is no variance between the settings that you request and the performance that you ACTUALLY receive from your mini split system. This saves you money and energy as you no longer have to fiddle with your thermostat to get the temperature you want.  Furthermore, the ductless ac thermostat of each zone-specific air handler, in particular rooms or zones, can be set to an individuals preference.  Perhaps you need your office ice cold in the summer, to keep you alert and thinking fast, but do not require such temperatures in other areas of your home, or at night?  You could set your ductless mini split to a lower temperature, during the times of day you will be in the office.  Or maybe you have a room that you would like to dehumidify more, or less?   For example, a nursery or sun-room.  Perhaps you can only get to sleep when your bedroom is a little more warm and toasty than your roommate or child, who likes it a bit cooler.  You won't have to argue or get up to adjust thermostat settings when you are uncomfortable, or compromise the comfort of one room for another.   Mini split ductless air conditioners and mini split ductless heat pumps offer this enhanced flexibility and control over individual zones, while simultaneously proving they are a more energy efficient option. Ductless air conditioners are greener options because they offer the conditions and comfort that you desire, when you need them, where you need them, and do not waste energy doing so anywhere else!  No more, no less, than you need.  Which is what it's all about, right?  Something that works intelligently to make your life better, without wasting our valuable non-renewable resources. That's as green as it gets!


            Another energy advantage that ductless air conditioners and ductless heat pumps provide over their ducted air counterparts is at the heart of their very design... they are ductless! You don't have to worry about any potential heat or cooling loss because it blows the air right where you want it without having to travel through some labyrinth of tubes to get the air where it needs to be.  It seems that one of the most obvious things we can do to conserve power is to not waste it, right?  We must balance our desire for a higher standard of living with a consciousness about the resources we must use to do so. One of the major challenges to environmental responsibility these days is our desire for convenience and comfort, which is a flat-out waste.  Wasting resources can be as simple as not recycling and reusing, to complex issues of efficiency in our home or office as we live, work, and travel.  Most of us know better than to simply throw edible food away, and we don't just toss away items that still have a purpose or value. That would just be ridiculous right? You would feel as if you are throwing money away. It's the same principal with energy, this ethic is sometimes easy to forget. We may leave a light, television, or computer on, even when not in use. And even if we are diligent about turning electronic appliances off when not in use, energy waste can still sneak in to our homes; on appliances with lights and features that are unnecessary or those that beg to remain plugged in, even when performing no function at all.  (For example, can we all say that we unplug our digital clock or microwave when we go out of town for the weekend, like clockwork?  A few may, but many do not,unknowingly wasting energy.)  And sometimes still, the waste seems unavoidable, because the system itself, in its functioning, is the wasteful culprit even if you may not notice it. Saving energy is not always easy but with a ductless mini split it's one less appliance in your home you have to worry about.

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