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Trane heat pump prices can really differ when one considers factors like energy efficiency, built-in features, and overall performance. They're classified in 4 groups - the ultra efficient units, the supper efficient units, the high efficient units and the standard efficient units. As their names describe, a standard efficient unit is the low-end pump while an ultra efficient unit is the high-end Trane pump. Which one you go with really depends on your application. If you have a small room with good insulation you would probably go with the standard efficiency. If you have a larger room you may want to go with the high or even super efficient unit.

A majority of the basic features exist in all kinds of units except for the 2-stage operation & the ComfortLink features.

The 2-stage operation feature pertains to the 2 compressors responsible for cooling and heating, whilst the ComfortLink feature relates to the automated charging, calibrating, and configuring communication of key elements of the device. Both of these mechanisms are terrific features although, in regards to practicality, they're mainly advised for bigger spaces or homes.

Even if incorporated with such features, the high-end Trane heat pump prices are still not the most expensive on the market. Any of the Trane heat pump prices are still more economical than a lot of heating device costs today.

One more apparent difference aside from their prices are their cooling capacities, heating capacities, and their nominal sound levels. Unsurprisingly, a low-end type has the lowest with a rate of 78 whilst a high-end unit has the highest with a rate of 74. The heating capacity of a heat pump ranges from 15.00-19.00 SEER, with the second rate being for a high-end pump. Its cooling capacity, on the other hand, ranges from 8.5.-9.0 HSPF, with the second rate, again, for a high-end unit. However, regardless of the lower rates of a standard unit they're practical & good enough for smaller homes or spaces.

Based on the Energy Star benchmark, the more superior the HSPF of a heating device, the better its performance is. Hence, it's obvious that the high-end heat pumps are the top Trane heating units when it comes to general performance; although with a 9.0 HSPF rate, it's still not the finest in the market these days as the highest reported HSPF rate in the country is 9.4 HSPF.

Then again, the standard units of Trane are still some of the best with regard to performance. The least HSPF rate in the US is recorded at 7.0. This means that the standard heating device models of Trane are better than a lot of other units in today's market. Definitely not bad for a standard line and the affordable Trane heat pump prices.

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