Best Mini Split Systems

We offer the best mini split systems.

Here at Mini Split Warehouse we offer the best mini split systems available. Our systems are not only affordable but they are built to the highest standards. Rest assured a unit from us will give you many years of great service and eventually pay for it self.

Don't want to pay so much for Mitsubishi mini split systems?

Mitsubishi Mini Splits are so over priced due to the companies large overhead and advertising costs. Because they spend so much money promoting there product they have to make up for it somewhere. That extra cost is paid for by you. They raise there prices to afford the advertising and trick people into thinking that paying more for there product means it is higher quality but that's not always the truth. Many times when you buy from these large companies the product you get comes from the same factories over seas as the products made by smaller companies that we offer, only since they don't waste so much in advertising and show rooms that savings is passed on to you!

Debating the high cost of Fujitsu mini split systems?

Their systems are similar in quality to Mitsubishi but suffer from the same high cost. Again you don't have to pay more because you think that's the only way to get a quality product. We have already taken the risks for you in finding which companies offer good products and which offer bad, and the products we carry have proven to be the best you can buy and wont break the bank.

Our units match the quality of Sanyo mini split systems!

These are made in Japan but the units we carry easily match them in quality. Most of the units we carry also have Japanese parts and are built to high standards so they will last you over the years. Also most of the larger companies use proprietary parts so you can only get parts from them, and when they decide to stop carrying them your stuck buying a new system. many of our products are built with similar more common parts so if you ever need something you have a better chance of finding it.

Looking for cheap mini split systems?

Don't think a cheap price means your getting a lesser product. our units are just as high quality as larger brands without the high price. Believe it or not the same people building our systems also put together many of the larger brands as well. With times as tough as they are now days we cant afford to give our money away to these large companies so they can waste it away. Our products cost less to buy and cost less to run, because of this we feel our products are the best choice in this struggling economy.

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