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With more than 20 years in air conditioning and ventilation Cooper and Hunter has grown to be a leading producer of quality HVAC products. This company follows the same traditions as of some of the leading HVAC manufactures in the industry by offering an array of products and options under its own trademark. Their brand is exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the globe turning Cooper and Hunter into a well-known brand.

Cooper and Hunter have made a name for themselves in the HVAC industry through strategic partnership and cooperation of other leading HVAC manufactures as well as maintaining the highest level of industrial and cultural standards for their products. Using unique processes like “The Strategy of Perfect Product” and “Global Quality Control” allows C&H to meet the quality requirements of the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

Aside from their innovative techniques as a company, Cooper and Hunter has received the ForbesFAB-50 rating for their brand and products. Their 300+ laboratories have received the status of “World Advanced Level” and “World TOP Level” from professionals in theHVAC equipment industry. C&H also has an environmental certification of OHSAS18000 which guarantees environmental cleanliness and safety. With 7,000 models, 400 series, and 20 categories you can be sure that Cooper and Hunter has an elegant, affordable, and reliable product that will make you feel confident about your choice in HVAC equipment.

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