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When you decided to investigate your options for ductless air and heating, you probably noticed how overwhelming it can be.  So many manufacturers now offer this efficient model for ductless heating and cooling.  Here I have highlighted a few major manufacturers and summarized their current products, so you can get an idea of what each has to offer.

            Comfort-Aire has been based in Jackson, Michigan since 1955, but has been associated with air conditioning products since 1933. They are a leading supplier of heating, cooling, and dehumidification equipment to the HVAC market, and taut their commitment to quality, efficiency,and solid warrantee coverage on their website. The Comfort-Aire brand is specifically interested in room airconditioning, including cooling, heating, and dehumidification.

            The Comfort-Aire S series is a Mini-Split designed for a single zone.  This “whisper quiet” mini-split features ahigh-tech fan, and is quite flexible, offering units with and without heat pumps, from 9,000 to 24,000 BTUH. Another feature of this ac is its Temperature Compensation feature,which senses the difference in temperature between the ceiling air and thefloor air, and automatically compensates.  It can be run in various modes, including cooling, dehumidifying only,and air circulation.  The model that includes a heat pump also has a heat mode, sleep mode, and an auto-defrost on the heat pump.  Its automatic operation  will maintain your desired airconditioning.  A random swing to providea gentle breeze effect.  This model features a washable, reusable filter to filter out pollen and dust.  It is rated at 13 SEER.

            ComfortAireV series come in capacities ranging from 9,000-36,000 BTUH.  The Mini-Split has the capacity to function on various modes:  cooling,dehumidification only, heating with sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and turbomode.  A random swing which continually adjusts the fan speed and air direction for a gentle, breeze-like effect.  This unit also comes with a wireless remote.  The V Series Mini Split by Comfort-Aire features a multi-stage filtration system which includes and ionizer to remove microscopic particles,  an active carbon and dust filter, and an additional freshening filter to further improve indoor air quality.  Like all Comfort-Aire models, it features low ambient operation, cooling even when outdoor temperatures reach 5 degrees F) automatic defrosting of heat pump coils(in the units which have heat pumps), and is set to restore to its last setting following an outage.  The V series inverter allows the compressor to run at various speeds, constant low RPMS to maintain temperature and air quality (as air continues to cycle through thefilters) an ramping up automatically to meet those moments of higher demand.  This mini split is Energy Star rated and reaches SEER ratings as high as 19.3.

            If you have various areas which need ductless air conditioning, Comfort-Aire offers a multi-zone Mini Split combining option which allows you to condition two, three, four rooms from only one single outdoor unit.  It can also be installed to take care of that large space which requires a little extra muscle! The Inverter flex multi-zonemini-split features a condenser which can be matched up with the 9,000 and 12,000BTUH air conditioning units which best meet your climate control  needs, in a configuration of your choosing up to its total capacity of 36,000 BTUH. This unit also utilizes inverter technology, using low RPMS for maintenance, and ramping up only when needed, to minimize energy consumption.   Each individual air handler can be set independently, allowing various ac or humidity control in different rooms, or zones.   This ac and heat pump networking system allows you to have all the convenience of a centralized system, witheven more control than you would have with central air.  For efficiency, it automatically selects from its various modes (cooling, dehumidifying, air circulation, heating, turbo) the best to maintain your desired temperature and humidity
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