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Daikin AC systems are available here at MiniSplitWarehouse.com to be dropshipped. 

Ductless splits heat pump air conditioner systems are also normally used in multi-family homes. If it is an older home that has been altered and turned into a duplex there will be a demand for two separate air-conditioning systems, or if it is a apartment building with lots of different tenants, this can be a superb method for each one of the tenants to have the ability to cope with their private cooling necessities without fitting central airconditioning in the full building which can be costly. A lot of tenants do not like if there is simply one unit for a full building because they are concerned with fighting with their neighbors whims on when or what switch the temps to. So, if you own a building and will be leasing soon, you should want to take into consideration ductless splits for your building. 
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