Haier Mini Split

How do we compare to Haier mini split units and these other large brands?

The most common question we get is what kind of quality can a customer expect to get from a system they purchase through us? If we could let you talk to our previous customers they would tell you that years from now a mini split you purchase from us will still be running strong and when its finally time to retire it you will be on the lookout for another just like it. We know if we don't take care of our customers and make sure they get products that are reliable and last that its only a matter of time before it comes back to hurt us. Its not just you worrying about the quality of these products. We make absolute certain that what your getting is going to last because its just as important to us as it is for you!

Why purchase one of our units over a haier mini split air conditioner?

Well you have likely heard good things about Haier. It's true they make good products and we won't argue this. The problem with them is not their products, its their prices. Good quality is one thing, but spending a fortune to get it when you should be entitled to it no matter what the cost is another. These big companies don't need to charge the high prices they do. Even with all the advertising they still make a large profit every time you buy a product from them. We feel you shouldn't have to pay extra just to get something good quality. Here at Mini Split Warehouse we know the products we sell are good quality. Many of our products are made by larger companies like Carrier. We know we could charge more for what we sell but we choose not to. We feel our customers are entitled to good quality products at a fair cost.

How are reviews on our products over Haier mini split air conditioner reviews?

You can talk to a customer with either system and sure they will both be happy but the happiest customer is the one with the same quality product that paid a fraction of the cost. That's right our customers are just as satisfied if not more so than customers who purchase from those expensive large companies. We have had customers call and tell us about a system they had from one of the brands we carry that lasted 13 or even 15 years. Now why spend so much for one air conditioner when you can get two or three for the same cost that last just as long?

What about us versus the popular LG mini split units?

We have many customers who own or previously owned an LG mini split. Some weren't impressed and others just couldn't spend the kind of money they did before with the economy the way it is. Its customers like this who see just how great a deal our products are. They spend half the cost but get a unit just as good as what they had previously. Take our Klimaires for instance. Klimaire gets there products from Midea and come to find out many Mideas are made by Carrier. This just goes to show you that if you can buy a system made by carrier at a fraction of the cost then why pay so much for something just because it has stickers from a big company. Last we checked stickers didn't make a product any better.

Same story for GE mini split air conditioners.

Just like all the rest of the big names its the same situation with GE. When you buy from such a huge company like this there's no telling what your getting. Chances are there own employees don't even know where they come from. You may get a good one or you may get a bad one but one thing is certain if you need a part its not going to be cheap. Our units use much more common parts, many manufactures share the same designs and because of this its much easier and more affordable to keep our units running longer.

Looking for a Walmart mini split hoping for a low price?

Well Walmart doesn't carry mini splits but if they did i bet we could beat even their prices. Plus with Walmart you never know what you'll get. Most of the time anything from there is not just cheap to buy its cheaply made as well. All our products have been proven to be reliable and we are constantly evaluating our products to make sure that statement stays true. If we notice problems with a particular brand or model we will remove it from our list to ensure you get only the best for your money.

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