Installing a Mini Split Air Conditioner

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Thinking about installing a mini split air conditioner?

There are different ways to go about installing a mini split. The number one thing to consider is safety!!! Whether you install the system yourself or have a professional do it you need to be very careful as high pressure chemicals and electrical work is involved. If you plan on installing a system yourself you need to be aware of your local laws. You may need permits for running power to the system. Also when working with freon you must be a licensed HVAC technician. Most manufactures won't honor the warranty if a licensed HVAC tech does not sign off on the install. One way to save money is to do all the time consuming work yourself, then pay a technician to come out and check over your work and handle the initial start up of the system by vacuuming down the line sets, checking for leaks, and adjusting the charge depending on the length of lines used.

If you would rather have the entire system installed for you then you must first find someone who is HVAC licensed. Search around online and in the papers and see about getting a quote done for the install. Ask your installer how many mini splits they have put in before. The general idea of installing a mini split is very similar to central split ac, but there are some things that are unique to mini splits and finding someone experienced means the install time will be shorter and if your paying by the hour this will save you money as they already have the tools and know how to get the installation done.

Another option is to go through us. Were are now offering a service where we will handle your entire installation process for you. We have developed a network of Licensed HVAC technicians so we can provide installation to our customers across the USA & Canada. Rest assured we choose only the best contractors with the best service and feedback. If for some reason we do not already have a contractor in your area, we will locate one and verify their license and credibility before they install your products. 

Looking for instructions on wiring a mini split air conditioner?

When wiring a mini split its important you follow the manufactures instructions as well as your local laws. In most cases you will be running power out to your compressor and installing a safety disconnect box to shut off power to the A/C system for maintenance. It is important to follow local code when performing this. For the indoor unit, most of the time, it will get its power from the outdoor compressor. So by following the manufactures instructions you will likely run the power and signal wires together with the copper tubing from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit and then follow the wiring diagram to hook it up.

Adding a mini split air conditioner to you home.

Often times we get get customers who already have AC in there home but its just not doing the job right. The problem with central ac is all the rooms may be different sizes and have a different number of windows. Also some get more sun than others and to top it off this changes through out the day. It makes no sense to have one thermostat in the middle of the house because one room might be freezing cold while another is hot. To fix this people add, or sometimes completely replace, their central ac units with mini splits. Now you're not wasting energy cooling rooms that don't need it and the ones that do are no longer miserable to be in. On top of that, central ac uses ducts to transport the cold air to each room. These ducts waste energy and cost a fortune to maintain and keep clean. If they get dirty your families health will also be at risk. Each room with a mini split will get its own filter and because of this your family and friends will breath fresher healthier air. All of the systems we sell come with a washable filter. This means you will be saving money on buying filters every month which can get expensive. Additional filter inserts are also available if you are still concerned with air quality.

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