LG Mini Split Art Cool

What is an LG Mini Split Art Cool?

The mini split Art Cool is a little different than your average mini split. The art cool features an indoor air handler that resembles a picture frame, mirror, or comes in customizable designs. The idea here obviously is to hide the air handler and give a more natural look.

What sizes does the LG AC Art Cool come in?

The Art Cool comes in a variety of sizes from 9,000 btu single zone systems. To 36,000 btu multi-zone systems. The picture frame design only comes in 9,000 and 12,000 btu sizes where as the mirror and customizable units come in many different sizes.

Why does the LG Art Cool picture frame only come in small sizes?

The problem with manufacturing a product like the picture frame mini split is space. You need enough room to house the components without getting so large that its not practical. When building something like this you have to make the parts smaller and put them in a different order than normal which can also cause reliability issues and difficulty finding parts. The reason LG likely doesn't make these in higher btu models is they would most likely just be to large.

What price range is the LG Art Cool ductless air conditioner in?

The Art Cool is a higher cost model that focuses more on looks than features. you can expect to pay a little more for a product like this. If you don't like the idea of a wall mounted air handler we suggest you look into the ceiling cassettes or ducted units. These wont take up wall space and are not easily noticed.

Will we carry the LG Art Cool mini split air conditioner any time soon?

As of right now we do not carry this model due to its limited market and high price point. If we get a lot of customers asking about them we will certainly look into them. There is also a possibility that one of our current manufactures might begin making a similar product so we encourage you to keep checking back in case this comes up.

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