Mini Split AC Heat Pump

What's a Mini Split AC Heat Pump?

A mini split AC heat pump functions in two ways. Basically it is a split type air conditioner which consists of a compressor outside and an air handler inside. It works the same way most air conditioners do until it gets cold. When the temperature drops and you no longer need AC and a heat pump can reverse the flow of the freon and create heat. This has many advantages on top of the ones you already get by just having a mini split.

Why choose an ac heat pump over gas or electric heat strips?

The biggest reason for switching from older style heating to a new heat pump is cost. Mini splits are very energy efficient and they are designed to save you money on energy cost. Burning fuels such as natural gas isn't cheap and heat strips which work the same way your toaster toasts bread are very inefficient and use a lot of electricity to produce the same heating you can get from a mini split. Also what happens if something touches those red stripes in the toaster? It usually sets on fire...  If your ducts are getting old and dusty you could have a fire just waiting to happen. Also keep in mind that a mini split heat pump will get you all the benefits of any other mini split as well. Now your not wasting energy with ducts and you can cool only the rooms you want not the whole house. Plus with a filter in every room you will breath fresher air and actually live a healthier life. When it comes down to it mini split heat pumps just make sense.

Who sells the best mini split heat pump?

So you search mini split heat pump and see so many different brands and companies to buy from and your wondering how do you choose which is best for you? You don't want something that's going to fall apart but you'd hate to pay for a big name if there's no real benefit to doing so... Let me start by pointing out a lot of these name brand products are made with the same materials in the same factories as the smaller brands. I have seen two units with the same specs that look identical and were probably next to each other on the assembly line. What's the difference? The one with the larger companies stickers on it cost twice as much... why would they do this? because they have too. These large companies spend so much money on advertising and show rooms and salesman that they have to raise there prices to pay for it all. This behavior works because so many people think you get what you pay for so they pay twice as much to get what they think is a superior product. The fact is they can get that same exact great product for a fraction of the cost! Now im not claiming that all smaller brands make the same great product because believe me there are quite a few poor products out there. In selling these for years we have come to know who makes a good product and who doesn't and rest assured anything you buy from us will be a high quality product without the high price!

Why are Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners prices so high?

Just like all the other large brands Mitsubishi spends a lot of money on advertising. This high cost must be paid for some how. The result? higher prices on there products. If you can buy a unit with the same features built to the same high quality standards but at half the cost then why wouldn't you? Just like the cereal they sell in the grocery stores that comes in the big bag. You get more cereal and it tastes just as good if not better and is even healthier than the big brands in the smaller box, yet it cost less? The answer as to why is on the packaging they don't spend money on expensive advertising and they pass those savings on to you. The same is true for any product you buy. Companies who choose to market there product with big advertisements have to charge more not because the product is better but to pay for the advertisements they used to lure you in. You see a brand you've never heard of next to the one every one's talking about and what are you tempted to do? The sad fact is you may be getting a product with less features and quality and paying more for it and we don't want to see that happen!

Can you have heat with a dual zone ductless air conditioner?

Absolutely! You can have a multi two, three, four or more zone mini split and use it to heat your entire house. This is the ultimate energy saving scenario. Your only powering one compressor just like your central air yet you can save a fortune and run it at variable speeds only pump enough to heat the rooms you like. Or run it full blast and heat the whole house and still save money due to the efficient nature of mini splits.

What do mini split ductless heat pump reviews tell you?

If you look at the reviews you'll see what everyone else has found and that is these mini splits work better than a central air unit and allow you to control the temperature of every room yet they save you so much on energy that in no time they pay for them selves. Even if your current central air unit or furnace works fine you would still benefit switching to a mini split.

What about a portable ac heat pump?

We carry these too! If you need something portable that's safer and more powerful than a space heater than we have what you need!

Is mini split heat pump sizing the same as sizing an air conditioner?

Sizing a heat pump is basically the same principle as sizing an air conditioner. When you size and HVAC unit you have to account for windows, insulation, ceiling height, etc. The reason you see so many different combinations of heat btu vs cooling btu on the same unit is actually very simple. If you in a climate with cool summers and freezing winters your going to need more heating power than cooling. On the other side if your in a warmer climate where the summers are hot and you only get occasional cold winters than you will need a much more powerful AC unit than heater. This is why you see the difference in btu ratings on some units, don't let that confuse you the concept is still the same. 

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