MiniSplit Heater

MiniSplit Heat Pump systems are the best, and we have them at the best prices here at the warehouse.  When your room that you are cooling includes appliances that produce heat, add 4000 BTU to the total.  This assumes a standard size kitchen with a refrigerator, a stove, and an oven.  When you have windows that are sunny, add 1000 BTU to the total estimate for each 10 square feet of sunny windows.  When you have windows that are in shade, add 500 BTU for each 10 square feet of shaded windows.  Add 1000 BTU for each door leading to an unconditioned space as well.  Finally, for each person over two years of age that occupies the space on a regular basis, add 1000 BTU to the formula.  When you add all the components together, you will get an estimate of how powerful a Mini Split Wiki unit you need to be able to cool your room down properly, yet keep it small and less expensive to purchase at the same time.

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