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Lots of people today apply ductless airconditioner in private buildings as well as commercial buildings. Lots of private buildings have ended up modified from a older building that in all probability did not have air conditioning. With a multi-split mini split you are able to put up a Ductless system in the vicinity you only want to cool or heat, which will save you a ton on your over all cooling bill every month. There is no need to cool a room that isn't occupied, right?

With MultiSplit systems you have multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. When the system is up and running the outdoor unit, sometimes call a compressor, will distribute it's BTU's amongst the indoor units. Port A always gets priority, then port B, then port C, and so on. This allows you to pick and choose which room needs the most cooling or heat. It will also help you determine the size of indoor unit you will need for each room. Keep in mind that the total BTU's of your indoor units should not exceed the BTU capacity of your compressor. If that happens your mini split may not function or you may experience a decrease in efficiency. It never hurts to hire a HVAC specialist to perform a load calculation to help you better determine what size mini split will work best for you. This will also help you avoid under sizing or over sizing your mini split which can cause efficiency and performance issues.

Ductless conditioners and Ductless heat-pumps can be made to use in any space whether it be for personal use, multiple rooms so your family can stay cool in the summer,  or in your office. If you are in the market for a replacement cooling method, take a look into ductless splits, ductless heating pumps, and air conditioning systems. We are confident that we have a mini split system in stock that will suit all of your needs.
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