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Because ductless air conditioning continues to develop independently of more traditional systems (such as the central air system which is less flexible and, sometimes literally, set-in-stone) it is at the forefront of newer heat and air technology.  As the world continues to develop, and urban areas continue to grow, the demand for a more flexible, efficient, and ductless air system also continues to grow.  So, with ductless mini split air conditioners and ductless mini split heat pumps, you get the newest innovations in heating and air.  Better materials, coils, and smart electronics all play a role in the higher efficiency of mini split air units. Every year manufactures work tirelessly to find newer and more efficient ways of improving ductless heating and cooling for residential and commercial use.

Many countries around the world have already realized the benefits of mini split technology. Places like Japan, India, and China already use these units to heat and cool apartments and offices. The way a mini split is designed offers densely populated areas the ability to mount the outdoor unit to the exterior wall and install the indoor unit directly on the other side of the interior wall. Each resident is able to heat and cool their apartment. 

            The addition of ductless heat pumps to the split air system can provide additional efficiency and functionality.  Heat pumps work simply, by collecting warm air in the room and removing it to the exterior.  In the winter months, they work the same way, but in the opposite direction, gathering warmth outside and pumping it back in to the interior space. It is a relatively simple process, explained in more detail on the Lennox mini split website, which features a video of their ductless heat pump product. The addition of a heat pump to your ductless air system is an energy-passive way of increasing the functionality of your air handler.

            The technology of ductless heat pumps has also improved to increase the efficiency as well as function of ductless air and heating units.  So, this efficiency feature is destined to get better and better.  One example of innovation in this arena is the Hot Start heating system found in the Panasonic model single zone ductless heat pump. The Hot Start Heating system works by preventing any cold blasts of air as the heat pump is warming up.  As a result,the system wastes no time heating or energy preparing to heat  up the space; and only as soon as the pump reaches the desired temperature, it will begin blowing just that WARMED air into the room.  So, again, less energy wasted as the system works with itself. Bringing you warm air right when you want it instead of freezing while you wait for the warm air to reach you.

            Another innovation in heat pumps is that of the Mitsubishi ductless mini splits which include heat pumps.  The new Mitsubishi heat pumps have larger, upgraded coils which heat up faster than the smaller heat pump coils.  So, more energy saved from the start.  And, like the Panasonic mini split, the fan of the Mitsubishi ductless handler is prevented from activation until the desired coil temperature is reached, so the ductless system is never wasting energy and time blowing cold air.  Again, there is energy conservation in the quick action of the coil and prevention of the waste involved if the system is working against itself.  Ultimately, less wasted energy and improved function, resulting in year-round comfort and a lower utility bill. What's not to love about a ductless system?

            So the addition of ductless heat pumps, as well as new innovations which improve their function and efficiency, further elevate the status of mini splits as a green option when looking to cool and heat your home. And they are quite stylish as well.

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