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Split Airconditioners are here at the warehouse, we offer the best prices. Most central air conditioners have ten-year limited warranties on the compressor and five-year limited warranties on all other parts. Judging from many owner posts in forums, manufacturers do not cover labor costs in their Air Prices. Contractors usually offer one-year warranties on the installation. Some offer lifetime warranties as a marketing tool. It is important to do your research before deciding on who will install your ductless mini split system. You want to be sure that your installer is knowledgeable about the type of system you want installed and that they have the necessary tools to do the job.  How is Ductless different than central air-conditioning? The amount of cold air entering the room can he controlled by a thermostat or it can be regulated by an infra-red remote control, like a TV remote. One room or one area of a building can maintain a different temperature from another room or area in the same building. Ductless mini splits can solve many of your air conditioning needs as well as save you money as you are only heating and cooling the rooms or areas you occupy and not waste energy heating and cooling the spaces you don't. What's not to love?

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