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Split Importing

Split Importing

We Povide Import Prices for Mini Split Ductless AC Heat Pump Systems to the USA and Canada. Brands Like Shinco & Mr. Whisper- We also can make Your Own Brand

We can provide you with the best pricing on 20' & 40' Containers of Ductless Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps.( All HVAC Products- Central Ducted Systems, Ductless Mini Splits,Water Heaters, ETC)

We can Build them to your Specs- Compressor Brands Like "Toshiba, Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi

Below Choose the Brand You would Like To Import, Or Choose your Own Brand ( Your Own Brands Get Better Prices) 

20' Container (Non-Inverter Units) Normally holds 100-115 Units (Depending on Size) 1% Parts Free 20'- Container Can Be ordered with a Mix of Models, Shipping to your port or our port is usually around $3500-$3800. Custom's Fee's Vary $500-$1500. (If you would like them shipped to out Tampa Port, that is fine, however the freight cost to ship the container to your state will vary- feel free to contact local freight companies or independent contractors for estimates)

40' Container (DC Inverter Units) Normally holds 200-250 Units (Depending on Size) 1% Parts Free 40'- Container can Be ordered with only one model per container. Port and Customs Fee's will increase Estimated $4500-5800 Shipped to a Port, and Customs Fee's Could be $1500-3000

If you are ready to Start Your Own Business selling these Popular, Top of the line systems- Mini Split Warehouse Is here to help ..

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If you don´t have a loading dock , forklift or enough man power to unload the merchandise from the truck, it  doesn't matter. Lift-gate is special truck with a power gate on the back to lower the equipment to the ground for you. Or By choosing the drop down Box, Expedited...

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