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LG air conditioners are known as some of the highest quality units on the market today, combining a high level of efficiency with attractively slim designs and powerful output. Offering a variety of units to suit any price range if you want to cut through the confusion and crowded marketplace you will do well simply looking at LG products. Let's take a minute to look at what this trusted manufacturer has on offer.

The Range of LG Air Conditioners

With LG air conditioners you can select from a number of different styles and mounting options.

    • Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners. LG offers a couple different larger, bulkier units which mount directly into your ceiling and disappear completely behind their vent. These ceiling mounted LGs are among the company's most effective and offer up either 24,000 or 34,000 BTUs of power.

    • Floor Standing. LG also offers a single floor standing air conditioner which features a sleek metallic ultra-modern appearance. This stand-alone is even more powerful than the company's ceiling mounted models and offers a truly impressive 48,000 BTUs of power- enough to solve many property's cooling needs by itself.

    • Art Cool Air. These unique and attractive air conditioning models let you mask your cooling unit with custom framed artwork or photography. Art Cool units come in both cooling only models and models with heat pumps.

    • Inverter. Less powerful than ceiling models these combine an outside unit with an internal unit to produce between 12,000 and 15,500 BTUs of cooling power while taking up a minimum of space inside your property.

    • Outdoor Only Units. LG provides the option of outdoor-only units which either function as cooling units only or as heat pumps only which can provide up to an impressive 24,000 BTUs of power.

  • Wall Mounted Units. Finally through LG you can order slim wall mounted units which will effortlessly blend in with your property's décor and which combine with external units to provide around 24,000 BTUs of power. These high-end wall mounted units provide the additional convenience of remote control temperature setting.

More Than Simple Window Mounted Units

As you can tell LG prove the market for property cooling devices has expanded substantially, and for the better, since the days of bulky, loud and unattractive window mounted units. If you want to simplify your options all you need to do is focus on LG exclusively and you'll find a solution which will likely meet your needs.

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